Cincinnati’s been going through a cycle of growth that one can’t help but be amazed with. We’ve been more than happy to cover its growth not only in the way of the influx in businesses, but also the incredible artistic Renaissance that we’e been seeing. With this growth, we’ve seen hordes of young professionals packing into the city for positions with various Fortune 500 companies in the area. Where there are young professionals, there are bound to be a ton of networking groups.


With networking groups there are bound to be a ton of the same situations and forced conversations over, and over, and over again. Well, we’re not about that life. We want people to get out and explore the area while making friends in the process. There’s a cycle that we all live in and we have to actively choose to break it as much as possible. Whether that means going to that sketchy ass restaurant up the street or taking a night hike through the pitch black with a group of friends is up to you, but we want to offer these experiences.


This is why we’ve decided to start the Cincinnati Adventure Club. We already have four adventures planned for this month, and we only plan on making them more epic as time goes along. You can join the group here. We have our first adventure this Saturday! This is a movement you’re going to want to be apart of…

Matt Teaford is a meatatarian, craft beer enthusiast, and follower of his spirit animal, which he believes to be a Kodiak Bear. He can often be found hiking in the backwoods of Kentucky or bragging about both his hometown of Cincinnati and expansive knowledge of music. Except Polka. He knows nothing about Polka.

Matt founded CityNova because he wants people to experience life for all that it’s worth. He also thinks that nap time should be offered by all employers. Since he found no such opportunity, he thought a startup might be his best chance.

He’s also a political Independent who vies for true transparency and accountability in government, but that’s neither here nor there…