Bella at Otto Armleder Memorial Park

While I wish all places were dog friendly, not all businesses welcome pets. When you can’t wait to go to Neon’s to play with your puppy, dog parks are a great alternative! Cincinnati has several dog parks all over town, but here are a few of the best, evaluated by Bella.

Otto Armleder Memorial Park

Otto Armleder has the largest dog park area by far! It’s located on Wooster Pike, about 15 minutes east of downtown. They have a large area open to all dogs, and a smaller area reserved for pups who aren’t ready to run with the big dogs. The play area is a huge field of grass, with trees providing shady areas over benches for the humans. We heard that a group of husky owners coordinate monthly meet ups here, too! This park is near Lunken Airport, so you can watch planes fly overhead while relaxing with your puppy. Bella clearly had a blast at her first park of the day!

Washington Park 

Bella enjoying the water at Washington Park
Bella enjoying the water at Washington Park

Bella is a water-loving dog! After walking a few blocks in the heat, she was relieved to find a pool of water at Washington Park. We made a lot of friends, with about a dozen puppies to play with when we were there! The great thing about Washington Park is there is always something (or multiple things) going on. While we were playing in the Dog Park area, children were frolicking in the water area and an improv group was performing on stage. This dog area was smaller, being located within an urban park. Washington Park is situated between Race and Elm Streets in Over the Rhine, right next to Music Hall. The grassy areas were made of turf, so your soaking wet puppy won’t also be covered in grass. Bella had fun splashing in the water and running around with her new friends.

Mount Airy Forest Doris Day Dog Park

Doris Day Dog Park
Doris Day Dog Park

Our last stop of the day was Mt Airy Forest’s Doris Day Dog Park, about 15 minutes west of downtown. This park had plenty of space to run, mostly covered in grass with a wood-chip covered path down the middle. Picnic tables are spread out beneath shady trees for you to relax while watching the pups play. Plastic baby pools are arranged under water fountains so dogs can cool off after running around in the gorgeous park. This park features an agility course, much like what is seen in dog shows. Bella wasn’t very interested in running the course, but had more fun playing fetch. Doris Day also features a separate area for small dogs, with a smaller agility course.

Next time you’re looking for something to do with your dog, skip the boring walk and check out one of Cincinnati’s great dog parks! Fair warning: if you visit as many as we did in one day, you may be exhausted at the end!


Have another cool place to play in Cincinnati? Let us know in the comments below!


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