They’re man’s best friend and woman’s best friend, and their undying loyalty and companionship make dogs the perfect summer buddies to explore with. Getting them out of the air conditioning means more exercise for both owner and companion ,and less clumps of shedded hair on your hardwood floors.(Swiffer will hate you) Treat them to these K-9 friendly places this summer, but don’t forget adequate poop bags and to-go water dish.

Green Dog Cafe

This eco friendly and health conscious cafe in Cincinnati is also dog friendly, but best of all they serve amazing eats. Meat eaters can chow down on local poultry, sustainable seafood, or antibiotic free pork while vegans and vegetarians maintain plenty of options. Your dog can even have his own water bowl.  Plus, It’s only an eight minute drive from Otto Armleder Dog Park. Stop by before a romp around the park for brunch or after for dinner and drinks.

Doris Day Dog Park

Cincy has a wide range of off the leash parks for your pooch, but Mt. Airy’s Doris Day Dog Park is something special. This mid-sized park is more laid back and less busy than many of Cincinnati’s larger dog parks, making it perfect for dogs that get nervous around other pups or are just skittish in general. Like many other dog parks, the area is divided into two fenced off parks, one specifically reserved for small dogs, and a larger area where dogs of every size are welcome. If you have a medium sized breed or mutt, that means you can get away with playing in both areas. The regulars make the park special; if you visit often, you’re bound to get to know certain pups and owners. Most park goers are more than happy to share Milkbones, tennis balls, and good conversation.

Findlay Market

In a shopping mood? Yeah, you might not be able to go inside Findlay’s buildings with your pup, but that keeps you from denting your wallet too much on that weird tea you like or on premium steakes. However, you can stop by Pet Wants, Findlay’s pet store that offers premium pet products and fresh, local made dog food. On the last Thursday of every month from 4-7 p.m. , owners can take attend Pet Wants “Yappy Hour,” a.k.a “K-9 and Wine” at Findlay, for a relaxing social events that puts pets first.


Karly Williams is a native of Cincinnati and lover of most things Cincy, except fellow residents who still make harambe jokes. She owns a couple Thrasher t-shirts but doesn’t skate, but she tells herself it’s not a poser move because she’s a magazine journalism major at UC.

When not trying to balance school, work, and taking care of her dog, she enjoys reading overly pretentious music outlets like Pitchfork. Her other passions include curating collections of her favorite memes, cooking, drawing, and militantly respecting women.