My dad had a favorite pastime of scaring the crap out of me. He didn’t pass on the love for scary things, but he did pass on the gift of a “sixth sense.” I spent many nights in houses just waiting for the scary things lurking in them to jump out at me, which would be cute and funny, if my closet door in my attic room didn’t open by itself one night. Or, if I didn’t wake up to see someone standing in my door way watching me sleep. It’s the feeling you get when you’re alone that makes you suddenly aware you’re not as alone as you thought.

Whether you’re a believer or not, check out these places and maybe you’ll start to question yourself and the things you see out of the corner of your eye…

5. Bobby Mackey’s


This local hangout started in 1850 as a slaughterhouse and now we know it as a live music venue owned by Bobby Mackey himself. Legend has it that there is a “Portal to Hell” that was home to a woman’s head that had been cut off by a man named Pearl Bryan. It is also said to be haunted by a dancer named Johanna who fell in love with a man that her mobster father didn’t like. The gang took away her love, so she took her life by downing poison in the dressing room that was in the basement.

Schedule a 2 hour paranormal tour with them Sunday through Thursday if you’d like to meet Johanna yourself!

4. Sleepy Hollow Road


This road is located in Louisville, Kentucky and if there’s anything I don’t like it’s long, dark roads that have things that appear in your rearview mirror. The story goes that as you’re driving along the road at night a black hearse appears as headlights in your rearview mirror, until it speeds up beside you and forces you off the road and down into the ravine below. There have also been reports of time warping, you feel as if you’ve been driving for hours but once you’re through it’s only been a few minutes. One particularly creepy thing about this road is a place called, “Devils Point.” Said to be home to many satanic rituals! So, on Halloween night, if you’re feeling up for a spooky adventure- take a drive and keep your eyes on the road.

3. Mammoth Cave


Most come to Mammoth Cave for the adventure and love of nature! What most people probably don’t know is that ancient people who discovered this cave MANY years prior used the cave as a burial site. Hikers have said they have seen apparitions, phantom lights, disembodied voices and have heard footsteps that were never there. So, next time you and your friends decide to spend the day at mammoth, maybe it wasn’t the brush of your friends hand in a dark passage.

2. Narrows Road

Photo Credit: Creepy Cincinnati
Photo Credit: Creepy Cincinnati

This road is another local spot! Narrows road in Erlanger is said to be home of a police officer-that doesn’t know he’s off-duty. Motorists have told tale of being pulled over by a 1950’s police car around midnight. Once they pull over, the police officer gets out, but suddenly he disappears. So, if lights appear behind you, pull over and see who appears.

1. Waverly Hills Sanatorium


No list of haunted places would ever be complete without mentioning this place. This abandoned tuberculosis, located in Louisville,Kentucky was home to more than 400 patients in its prime. However, some of them checked in, but they never checked out. Stories of a haunted body chute that was used to deposit the dead bodies. A nurse who hung herself still makes her rounds, and in the children’s ward you can find a little boy who just loves to play ball. Feeling ill?

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