Midpoint Music Festial Brings Music Melding to a Peak in Cincinnati A reflection on Midpoint Music Festival, a memoir some may say...


Walking through Over the Rhine, cracked pavement beneath my Vans-clad feet, a crackling sound permeated through the area, making me aware I was close to my destination: Midpoint Music Festival. Rooftops and horizons, spilt craft beer and crumbled Skyline coneys at my feet, I found myself enveloped into the festival. Music poured from four stages, […]

Midpoint Music Festival: Your Guide to Sunday


Midpoint Music Festival will find its winding down on Sunday, ending with the hazy notes of Band of Horses. The food trucks will pack up, the crowds will disperse to their respective abodes, and Cincinnati will patiently await its return next year. By Sunday’s end, Midpoint will be have seen 75 bands. Here’s your guide […]

Midpoint Music Festival: Your Guide to Saturday


This weekend Over the Rhine will find itself snared in a swirling scape of sound. Pulling from a breadth of genres, each band with their own distinct style and artistry, Midpoint Music Festival is ready to serve up bands fresh from their musical griddles. If you’re looking to take a bite of the festival, here’s […]

Torn Light Records: A Haven for the Underground


Cassettes stretch along the wall, accompanied by rows of records, demo tapes and 45s, all blanketed under the careful watch of a Sonic Youth Washing Machine sign dangling from the ceiling. Similar to the aesthetics of a washing machine, the store is bright with white walls covered in hangings ranging from a Microphones poster to […]