Why Kentucky Is The Best State in America


Last week, millions tuned in to watch the annual Kentucky Derby. Many flocked Churchill Downs adorned in extravagant hats and threw money around like it wasn’t an object while smoking the finest Cubanos and toasting with $100 cocktails. As I sat there and watched the whole thing unfold, all I could think was: The Kentucky […]

On The Rise: Grave Friends


Looking for some music to burn bridges to? Grave Friends is here to help! Line after rage-filled line accompanied by some epic breakdowns make this band one to get out some pent up rage listening to. If you have a chance to catch them live, you don’t want to miss being a part of the […]

On The Rise: Mix Fox


Until recently, Cincinnati’s music scene was one of great speculation. It seemed like an entire decade passed between the success of 98 Degrees and the eventual rise to fame of bands such as Walk The Moon and The National. Although those bands have finally gained some limelight, the current Hip Hop culture around the city […]

5 Bands Proving That Metal’s Not Dead


In a time of undignified pop music with little meaning and even less raw musical talent, it’s hard to find bands who have deep roots in the kick ass history of metal. These five headbang-inducing bands are doing a killer job of keeping the genre alive… 1. Aegaeon Midwest-based Aegaeon comes in at the top […]

Ignitus Is Now CityNova


Every now and then, we spark up a conversation with an old friend and come to find that we have similar aspirations in life. The passions which we share connect us in ways that sometimes defy explanation. Sometimes, those passions become the very things that cause collaboration on a larger scale. Almost two years ago, […]