Artist Spotlight: Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle Cincinnati's Hustlers of Bluegrass...


Although Kentucky’s nickname “The Bluegrass State” is specifically referring to the type of grass native to this region, it just so happens that bluegrass music has it’s roots in this region as well. With such a long history of Appalachian/folk music in this area, the bluegrass music being made in this region currently is some of the best […]

Music Spotlight: Strange Mechanics


Cincinnati has a growing live music scene that stretches through every genre in the book. While I cannot speak for every genre in town, I have had a close eye on the funk/jam scene for a while, and one band that has emerged in the past few years in Strange Mechanics. I had heard their […]

Cincinnati’s Coolest Hotel is A Free Art Museum!

Credit: 21C

This city is full of free entertainment around every corner, you just need to know where to look for it. In the case of the Contemporary Arts Center, a modern art museum downtown, there is literally free entertainment right around the corner.  Whether you’re looking for classic oil paintings or contemporary pieces, the 21-C Hotel/Art […]