To Those Who Chose Not to Stay


Dear You, If you’re reading this, please know that my “you” is general. So, Here we go. We all have those people who were huge staples in our life at one time or another and then suddenly they’re not. You wake up one day to check their Facebook just to make sure they’re living well…and […]

You Have to Check Out the Prisma App


In a world filled with filters that are a little over the top and misleading, it’s easy to see why some people have been getting annoyed with their over-the-top usage across the country. To be honest, we feel the same way. The ridiculous dog ear snapchats and all that stuff have to go. Luckily, there […]

You Have to Check Out This Photographer’s Pictures of the University of Cincinnati


Ever since beloved former University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono coined the Twitter tag #hottestcollegeinamerica, there’s been an incredible influx of the campus receiving its due diligence in the form of a number of articles being written about its layout, contemporary design, and overall visual appeal. In fact, it even landed itself on Forbes’ list of […]

The Diary of Presidential Debate Viewer: Part III

For the last time, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took the podium to debate one another before an audience at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 19th. The first two debates, found here and here featured both candidates avoiding questions, deflecting attention to the other, and hurling insults. Well, spoiler alert, but the final debate […]