Open Letter: My Tribute To Dr. Santa Ono

Ono Investiture (39)

Dr. Ono, You came to the University of Cincinnati in September 2010, the same month I kicked off my freshman year as an eager new Bearcat. You spoke at the University Honors Retreat, told us how excited you were to join the UC family, and shared the story of your journey through life. It was […]

5 Talks You Want To See at TEDxCincinnati

TEDxCincy Postcard

Ah, TED… technology, entertainment, design, and just about everything but the kitchen sink. We love TED because “ideas worth spreading” is something we can get behind. Fortunately for you, TEDx enables communities all over the globe to spread ideas locally and TEDxCincinnati is this week. TEDxCincinnati: LEAP is not an event you want to miss, […]

Why FC Cincinnati is So Important to Our City


It’s 6:30 P.M. on a muggy Saturday evening in Cincinnati. As we’re driving in our air-conditioned car, we get halted by a line of traffic heading into Clifton. School’s out of session and we know the middle-aged people adorned in blue and orange in the cars surrounding us aren’t about to hit up Beer Olympics at […]

CityNova’s Founding Story: How Our Pigs Started Flying

CityNova When Pigs Fly

The year is 2014. The month is August. The Bud Light pitchers are plentiful at Brother’s Newport. Two old friends who hadn’t seen each other in six months are cheerfully catching up. 22 months later, CityNova is rapidly becoming a staple of Cincinnati’s entertainment scene. Ignitus is Born Matt Teaford and I met each other as […]

Why Bunbury Makes Me Proud of Cincinnati


There’s no doubt Cincinnati is on the rise. OTR emerged rapidly as one of the hottest nightlife and dining districts in the country. Our local businesses are drawing national attention. Our craft beer scene is thriving. The streetcar will begin circulating people around downtown in a little over three months. Every year, Cincinnati’s collective entertainment lineup makes […]

Ignitus Is Now CityNova


Every now and then, we spark up a conversation with an old friend and come to find that we have similar aspirations in life. The passions which we share connect us in ways that sometimes defy explanation. Sometimes, those passions become the very things that cause collaboration on a larger scale. Almost two years ago, […]