New College Hill Brewery on the Brink of Opening


With so many new breweries, you’d think there wouldn’t be a single spot in the city that wasn’t covered. Brink Brewing Company thinks otherwise. After tasting a couple of their brews and checking out the spot, we think they’re right. Located on the bustling main road in College Hill, the next closest brewery, Urban Artifact, […]

5 Drinking Games You Should’ve Played Yesterday

Dirty Martini Drinking Party

We’ve all played the classic drinking games like beer pong, kings, and even quarters. They’re easy to play and everyone knows the rules, but have you ever really wanted to step it up and bring new games to your party? You know, really become the person everyone wants to invite to all their parties?  Well […]

You’re Going to Be A Regular at Woodburn Brewery


Cliftonites needed a brewery closer than OTR, something with flavor and flair that really showcases how great Cincinnati’s beer seen is. A new brewery, right in the heart of East Walnut? Sounds just right. Woodburn opened up in late August, on the street it owes it’s name to. The taproom is a gorgeous, rustic place […]

Cincinnati’s Best Hidden Dance Spot


In all honesty, I happened upon Mr. Pitiful’s unintentionally. Walking past, making my way to the typical Drinkery or Neon’s, I was drawn into Mr. Pitiful’s OTR instantly. Shake Ya’ Tail Feather by Nelly, Murphy Lee and P. Diddy (my 8th grade jam) was playing and there was no line at the bar. I quickly scanned […]

Cincinnati’s Ultimate Girls Night Out Cocktail Crawl Part II


Well, well, well, here we are again, you sneaky little vixens. Four months ago, I published my  first article with CityNova, Cincinnati’s Ultimate Girls Night Out Cocktail Crawl, and my liver will never forgive me for it. I stumbled around OTR in my little romper like the hip millennial I am, borderline blacking out while others passed my […]