Discover: Wave Racer


Some will say that there’s nothing new under the sun, but that doesn’t stop a little ingenuity from going a long way; especially in the music world. In a time when there seems to be more sub-genres of electronic music than there are days in a year, you have to go back to the drawing […]

Opinion: Charlottesville, the Confederacy, and Millennials’ America


Following the violence in Charlottesville, the mayor of Lexington, Jim Gray, announced that he plans to remove the confederate statues from our city. Replies to his Facebook post included anger, outrage, and disbelief. People commented, “so you’re giving into those liberals?”, “these monuments are a teaching tool”, and “we need the history to better the […]

How to Live A Healthy Lifestyle in College


  The hats fly off at your high school graduation. Congratulations, your independent wellness journey begins today! The past is now a place to reflect upon. College is an intimidating endeavor. Even though your life has barely begun, it’s easy for your well-being to fall to the wayside. Find solace in all the care of […]