How to Live A Healthy Lifestyle in College


  The hats fly off at your high school graduation. Congratulations, your independent wellness journey begins today! The past is now a place to reflect upon. College is an intimidating endeavor. Even though your life has barely begun, it’s easy for your well-being to fall to the wayside. Find solace in all the care of […]

The Essential Guide to Friday at Forecastle 2017


Fear not, Forecastle-goers! The time is upon us! It’s time to set sail to the musical magic of one of our favorite festivals, and this year’s lineup is as solid, if not better, than ever before! Offering up an assortment of artists that’s sure to appease even the most cynical, “oh that’s not Indie” music […]

Cincinnati’s Macaron Bar is Absolutely Amazing


When you bite into an aesthetically-pleasing treat, it’s almost too easy to close your eyes and pretend you’re at a cafe in France. For $2 a piece you can easily get your fill of macarons. And with several locations, we’re lucky enough to find one in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. The picturesque Macaron Bar was founded […]

It’s Okay to Take Time Off After You Graduate


Education is so incredibly vital. It opens countless doors, allows exposure to the world and helps children become better adults. Educators cannot be shown enough gratitude for all they have done and continue to do to educate. Both teachers and professors alike have led us to the long-awaited milestone – graduation. College feels like a […]