Local Band Spotlight: Dreamy Beats With ‘The Knotts’ Cincinnati Musician Spotlight


I accidentally stumbled across The Knotts performing at WoodWard theatre and the following days looked something like this: wake up, feel bleh, play The Knotts new album Is It Art Yet?, dance in my room, not feel bleh, and instead feel like a magical being floating in the cosmos. Basically, this collection of smooth, flowy […]

Bass Spotlight: BUKU


Festival season is officially upon us! Yes, after the long, lingering winter that crippled our souls we can finally make our annual migrations to the fields, beaches, city streets, and forests we’ve been longing for. In some cases, you may have already been to a festival or two, but the bulk of the season has […]

Discover: Wave Racer


Some will say that there’s nothing new under the sun, but that doesn’t stop a little ingenuity from going a long way; especially in the music world. In a time when there seems to be more sub-genres of electronic music than there are days in a year, you have to go back to the drawing […]

The Essential Guide to Friday at Forecastle 2017


Fear not, Forecastle-goers! The time is upon us! It’s time to set sail to the musical magic of one of our favorite festivals, and this year’s lineup is as solid, if not better, than ever before! Offering up an assortment of artists that’s sure to appease even the most cynical, “oh that’s not Indie” music […]