It’s Okay to Take Time Off After You Graduate


Education is so incredibly vital. It opens countless doors, allows exposure to the world and helps children become better adults. Educators cannot be shown enough gratitude for all they have done and continue to do to educate. Both teachers and professors alike have led us to the long-awaited milestone – graduation. College feels like a […]

Yes, Addiction is a Disorder


This article is not about uneducated, uninformed, and passionate outbursts from any side of the issue of addiction: This is about facts. I know, it’s crazy to think that there are sometimes hard-line facts out there that support one side of an argument these days, but it’s all-too-apparent in this case. I feel most compelled […]

I Was Not A Mistake


I was born on the night of my mothers’ high-school graduation. Instead of walking across the stage to get her diploma, she spent it in labor. Oh, and yes, you read that right I said high-school. I am the product of a seventeen year old girl and a fifteen year old boy who fell in […]

Music Spotlight: Strange Mechanics


Cincinnati has a growing live music scene that stretches through every genre in the book. While I cannot speak for every genre in town, I have had a close eye on the funk/jam scene for a while, and one band that has emerged in the past few years in Strange Mechanics. I had heard their […]

The Social Justice Warriors Have it Right This Time


What a disgrace. There’s no other way to put it. If it isn’t bad enough that we celebrate the likes of Christopher Columbus, Andrew Jackson, and countless others to this day, it’s the fact that we’re so quick to ignore what’s going on to the indigenous people of this country and the struggles they face. […]

The Diary of a Presidential Debate Viewer: Part I


If you are anything like me, you treat the Presidential debates like an early Christmas present. Full of excitement, endless possibilities, and, at times, slight disappointment. It’s hard to believe that we are through the primaries and are now just six weeks away until Election Day. SIX WEEKS! On Monday night, at Hofstra University, Republican […]