*This Post is Long and Full of Spoilers*

I’ll be the first to say it: Lord Petyr Baelish was my favorite character in the Game of Thrones book series.

Okay, now that it’s been said, and you know my stance on the character, allow me to rant.

First, to the GoT TV series writers:

Not only did they deviate so far from the storyline of one Lord Baelish that it was sometimes painful to watch, but they turned him into a lesser character after Season 5 as they delved into their mission of focusing on the quasi-erotic advances of two incestuous relationships. How… romantic.

Case and point, and one of the clearest examples of deviation, is the fact that Lord Baelish never gave Sansa to the Boltons in the books. In fact, he would NEVER do that in the books. The “romantic interest” in Sansa never existed in the books, either. His intentions were to act truly as a father figure to her. I know they’ve been notorious for deviating in the past, but it’s almost as if they wanted to pull out all of the possible cliches this season. GoT used to be epic because you never knew what was going to happen, but this season was just way too predictable.

But, I digress. Even if we ignored the fact that the showrunners really seemed to hate Baelish for some reason (must have been quick with their tempers and slow with their minds…), there was something very unsatisfying about his death. You could drive a truck through some of the holes in the plot (and, again, book Littlefinger would have never been in this situation). Then there’s also the fact that he never even got to meet up with Varys again despite the fact that they were clearly the players in their own “game of thrones.” Could you imagine what that discussion would have been like? Well, keep imagining because they f*cked it! Without Littlefinger, the entire plot that everyone enjoyed so much would have never happened, and yet they end it with him playing so foolish game of cat and mouse with magical children? It just doesn’t make sense.

With him gone, I suppose now the entire next season will be a combination of Lord of the Rings (Ice Edition) and Bates Motel (someone’s hot for auntie). At this point, the only hope we have left is that Tormund and Brienne somehow get together, but in all reality, I hope the Ice King comes out and ruins all the fun. The only way the showrunners can right this is by laying waste to the realm. Here’s hoping the books are better. For now, we can just enjoy the late Lord Baelish’s eyebrows. Something tells me I’ll be making this same expression for the entirety of Season 8.

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