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It’s been awhile I know but this betch has been buried under a big pile of school work. To make up for it I have lots of exciting things to share in the coming months!! If you have any suggestions or requests let me know in the comments section below.

Now onto the good stuff!

As a beauty junkie, I have found amongst various customers and my personal group of friends and family that I can categorize them all into three groups. First, there are my fellow beauty junkies, we know about all the new releases, have Trendmood on notify, and feel like part of the YouTube beauty squad. Next, we have those on the complete opposite end of the spectrum who use one makeup brush and the idea of stepping foot into a store like Ulta or Sephora is terrifying and overwhelming. Totally understandable! And no I am not judging you, well, only about the one makeup brush you have had since you got it for free at the Lancôme counter for your Sweet 16 makeover. Then we have the in-betweeners; usually someone who has become friends with me and reaped the benefits of my makeup obsession. You have started watching the YouTube tutorials, you wear a few products on the daily, but you still are terrified of the concept of contouring and really have no idea if primer is just a ploy by the makeup industry to take your money.

First, we can discuss the primer debate at another point in time. Second, it doesn’t matter which category you fall into this post is for all of you and if you made it this far you clearly have some interest in the beauty world, or you are one of my family members who I forced to read my blog posts (hey Bubbie!).

Over the past few years, subscription boxes have grown in popularity and you can basically find one for any hobby or interest. (I belong to sprinkle of the month club- enough said). I recommend these subscriptions to everyone, whether you are a beauty expert looking to try out new products or a beginner trying to find somewhere to start- these subscriptions are my recommendation. Below I am going to provide you a breakdown of my favorites and what was in each of the boxes during the month of September. I will provide details and discounts, and my pros and cons for each. Hope you enjoy beauty babes and I will see you again soon.



(PS: added benefit your mailman will totally start knowing you by name or judge you harshly- welcome to the club)

1. Ipsy

Breakdown:  Every month you will receive five deluxe size samples and sometimes full-size products along with a small makeup bag to start storing your growing collection. Products vary based on your profile and feedback based on items you receive. I have been an Ipsy subscriber for almost 5 years now and I have discovered some holy grail products and been able to try brands that I have never heard of before receiving them. As an Ipsy member, you also get access to discounts of brands and products from the bag and opportunities to win giveaways as well as tutorials and advice about how to use your bag of goodies. Ipsy is usually my first suggestion to anyone interested in a monthly makeup subscription. (the brush alone sells at $12 so it is definitely worth it!)

Cost and Promo Codes: $10 a month plus free shipping, you can email me at to get your first bag free or you can go straight to the Ipsy website to join!




2. Birchbox

Breakdown: Every month you get a personalized box with five deluxe size samples from a variety of categories like hair, skincare, nail polish, perfume, and of course makeup! It is based on your beauty profile which you can always go back and make adjustments so you receive products you are interested in. And you get to choose one of your samples each month! I would recommend Birchbox for any age and for all beauty lovers.

Cost and Promo Codes: $10 a month and you can use my link to join and you can use the code LETSROLL when signing up for two free travel size Benefit Roller Lash Mascaras (one of my all-time faves!)




3. Allure Beauty Box

Breakdown: The Allure beauty box is a step up from Birchbox and Ipsy. It is $5 more a month but you get higher value deluxe samples and some full size products. Each box is based on your beauty profile and you will receive all types of products from high-end skincare to haircare and cult favorite beauty products. You also will receive a booklet each month giving you tips and tricks for each product.

Cost and Promo Codes: $15 a month with shipping included but the first month is only $10 and new members will also receive an eyeshadow palette valued at $35 you can sign up for the box here!




4. Boxycharm

Breakdown: I would recommend Boxycharm for makeup enthusiasts who want to try new brands and are looking for full-size products. Each month you receive 5 full-size items that retail over $100 each time. I have received several eye shadow palettes, brushes, amazing skin care items. Everyone receives three main products which they reveal on their Instagram and the other two vary. If you are willing to give up the Pumpkin Spice Latte for 3 mornings a month you can trade it in for really awesome products.

Cost and Promo Codes: $21 a month including shipping and you can sign up here!




5. #Morpheme by Liveglam Brush Subscription

Breakdown: The next two boxes are both by LiveGlam. The Morpheme subscription is a great way to build a brush collection. Morphe brushes are my favorite because they are high quality for a really good price. Each month you will receive 3-8 brushes that value over $35 dollars. As you can see, this month three eye shadow brushes and a big face brush. Usually, the cost of one high-end brush is more than the monthly fee for this club. Their newest feature allows you to see what brushes you will receive that month and either opt out or switch for makeup or other brush options.

Cost and Promo Codes: $19.99 a month plus free shipping you can sign up with this link and get a free brush with your first subscription!




6. Kiss Me by LiveGlam Liquid Lipstick Subscription

Breakdown: This subscription also by Liveglam is all about the liquid lipsticks. Every month you will receive 3 different liquid lipsticks (sometimes glosses or satin formula). I really like the Kiss Me formula, it is long lasting, not drying, and really good color pay off. This would make a good gift for the makeup lover in your life. Or if you are like me treat yourself! Also, like Morpheme you can trade out your choices every month so you can get what you really want.

Cost and Promo Codes: $19.99 a month plus free shipping you can sign up with this link and get a free lippie with your first subscription



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