It’s that time again. I am going to have a sink full of dirty dishes and no time to do them because my ENTIRE kitchen table will be full of reading assignments and homework. On top of that, I’ll be running in the cross-country club at school. So, I’ll have to cook healthy meals with whatever time I can find and dedicate time every day to get my run on.

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College life is hard. Don’t get me wrong. I love it! But, it’s time consuming and even more complicated with the increased need for extracurriculars and internships while in college. However, I highly advocate those extracurriculars. They may seem like an extra burden at first (let’s face it—we run away from extra work while in school), but here’s why you’ll be glad you did.

1. A degree is hardly enough to guarantee you a decent job upon walking the stage. You have to be involved. You have to have an impressive list of extracurriculars and experience in your field before you can get a job in your field. Most postings require a Bachelors and 2-3 years of experience. That means you only get your freshman year to slack off. After that, get crackin’ and start interning! This means when you graduate, you have a better chance of getting that job you’ve been eyeing up.

2. It’s fun. We get bogged down with the requirements of study. We need to loosen up and have fun. Being involved on campus gives us a social life. The clubs you join in college will literally become your family and some of your best lifelong friends.

3. You learn better when you are having fun. It’s basic psychology. As college students, we worry that having a social life may hurt our grades. In my experience, I have better grades when I spend time having fun as well. It’s therapeutic.

4. It adds to your overall experience. College days are supposed to be fond memories we can look back on when we’re 40 and smile about. We don’t want to get there and look back, and not remember anything because we never left our dorm. Be able to tell your kids someday (or dog), “I was in that protest,” or “we did this crazy thing.”. In other words, MAKE A STORY worth repeating later.


5. We have more time than we think. The Associated Press recently said that people are spending 10+ hours a day on their cell phone. Imagine if we eliminated this time! Our days could be so much fuller! I’m not saying phones are a curse, but they are definitely dominating our time. (Also, break up with Netflix. I know it weaves a web of lies, promising us a happily ever after, but it will break our hearts if we make our lives about it).

6. Life is about more than making money. We are taught to pick a smart degree that will make great money, so we go into college driven by the big green bills. I mean, money is great and kind of necessary. But it’s not everything. College should be about truly learning so that no matter what career we end up in, we can make a difference around us. And not all knowledge comes from books. It comes from learning from those around us about different cultures. We can learn so much about life, people, and culture by being involved in a club.


Live a little! (It won’t kill you!)


Sarah Ladd is waiting for her portal to Narnia to open so she can go be a sailor on the Dawn Treader. Until that happens, she enjoys writing, painting, gardening, and cooking (as long as someone else does the dishes).

A full-time student at the University of Kentucky, she enjoys art, collecting antique books, and drinking strong coffee. She someday hopes to have a messy desk in a retro office that she’s never at because she’s somewhere overseas.