Dirty Martini Drinking Party

We’ve all played the classic drinking games like beer pong, kings, and even quarters. They’re easy to play and everyone knows the rules, but have you ever really wanted to step it up and bring new games to your party? You know, really become the person everyone wants to invite to all their parties?  Well then, here’s 5 drinking games you should’ve played yesterday.


1. True American

This drinking game is taken from the show New Girl and is my personal favorite. It always gets waaayyyy out of hand, but it’s definitely fun and customizable. It’s played a few times throughout the show, however for the best visual of the show, I’d recommend Season 1, Episode 20. The overall goal of the game is to become King of America, the winner holds that title and can carry it until someone beats them the next time. I say next time, because chances are no one will make it to a rematch. To start, you must set up properly. Since the floor is lava, you must use things in your home creatively to jump around on. You can use blankets, cushions, chairs, tables, bean bags, you name it. These must be placed around a specific table (the castle) in a clover-like shape. There should be three cushions (or whatever) right next to the castle and the rest should be spaced so you can moved around the castle as you go. Now the castle is made with one bottle of liquor (the King) in the center and at the very least 4 beers per player (the pawns.)  The game will end once one player has finished their pawns and has taken a shot from the king.



Now anyone can go first, my friends always make the first player the person who most recently pooped. However you can do something basic like rock-paper-scissors. Everyone will start with one pawn in hand and you can have up to, but no more than 3 pawns at a time. If you find yourself with more than 3 you must chug the extra ones within 60 seconds or you are out of the game. If you fall into lava, you must chug all of the pawns in your hand within 90 seconds or you are out of the game. If at anytime someone yells “JFK!,” all players must yell “FDR!” and chug their open beer in 60 seconds or they are out. It’s a great way to screw over your friend who just opened a new beer. Once someone makes it to the king, they must be finished with their pawns and take the shot in 60 seconds to claim their title.


As for moving around the game board, there are 3 ways you can do it. The first is the Count: On your turn yell “One, two, three” and hold a number against your foreheard between 1 and 5. Anyone with matching numbers stays on their spot. Anyone holding a number that no one has chosen moves one spot. The second way is Complete a Quote: On your turn you start any quote and let other players finish it. The first player to finish the quote moves 2 spots. Finally the third way to move is Something in Common: On your turn you may yell out any 3 things that have something in common, and the first player to guess correctly may move 3 spots. Yelling, cursing, and rowdy behavior is heavily suggested.


2. CharDee MacDennis

This is another TV show drinking game, taken from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s seen in Season 7, Episode 7.  If you do watch this show, it’s a game that Charlie, Dee, Mac, and Dennis came up with and it’s very customizable. It’s a great game to play if you have 3 other pals you are constantly hanging out with. To start, each player needs game pieces. These can literally be anything from action figures to barbies. Make sure you aren’t emotionally attached though because the winning team get to smash the losing team’s pieces till the see fit. They play two against two, but you can modify however. Next you need a game board. Some websites sell them, but its real easy to make out of marker and cardboard.


Now that you have the pieces and the board, you need the cards. As you can see from the board, there are 3 levels. So your group is charged with the task to make as many cards for each level as you feel necessary. As the gang made their own up, you can steal from them or personalize.

For level 1, Mind, you want those cards to fall under the categories of trivia, puzzles, and artistry. So literally whatever you want to write fitting those categories is fine. Now in this level, only wine can be consumed. To advance the winning team must complete 5 challenges and take the cards you win to prove your victory.

Level 2, Body, is physical challenge, pain, and endurance. Again you can make your own cards and it’s optional for your group how crazy you wanna get. Personally I made a card to do a handstand for 60 seconds, drew it myself during the game, and then fell on my head. In this level you can only consume beer. There is no cursing allowed either, and the team who cursed must drink for 5 seconds while the other team can count as slow as they’d like. To advance they must win 3 challenges and keep the cards.


Level 3, Spirit, is emotional battery and public humiliation. Again make them however you’d like, it’s completely customizable and totally your fault for your friends mental state afterwards. In this level you may only consume hard liquor. According to the show, no mercy should be shown. To win, your team must win 2 challenges and keep the cards.

There are also chance cards that can be drawn in any category, these can make you do literally anything. One of my favorites is making the person eat that chance card. Every time you refuse to do a challenge or fail at the challenge you have to take a drink.


Asking questions throughout the game is not allowed and the 5 second drink penalty is applied. If you spill your drink, your team has to chug the opposing team’s drinks. If there is a tie, you draw the black card. The black card reads, “In the event of a tie, a winner must be chosen. There can only be one, and so it comes to this. Flip a coin.” Cheating is not only tolerated and accepted, it’s heavily encouraged. However, if you’re caught the team cheating gets bumped a level. Also don’t forget the pre-game wine and cheese reception before starting the game, it gives each player the illusion of respect. The game is best played with close friends, but it could be fun to show random people how weird you can get.

3. Cheers to the Governor

This game is fun because every individual round is different. Everyone will have a drink and typically will form a circle. The players will start counting off 1-21. When you get to 21 everyone will toast and yell “cheers to the governor!” The person who called 21 now gets to make up a rule. The rule can be anything that the rest of the players are willing to agree to.

The rules could be anything like on 7 name 5 colors, say tres instead of 3, on 10 Jenna takes a drink. Anything fun to throw people off. The game continues till you get sick of it. 

4. IPuke

It’s this wonderful little app that lets you get hilariously drunk while doing stupid dares. For example, have everyone spit in your drink or drink 4. Or walk up to a stranger and ask for a photo or drink 2. It’s very easy and always available on your phone.


5. King of Booze

This is another loveable app that enjoys making you do stupid and embarrassing things or being forced to drink. It’s set up like a never-ending board game, because the game never ends. It’s hilarious with a large group because it makes you do some embarrassing stuff.


Lauren is a Communication Studies major at Northern Kentucky University. She loves to travel, drink whiskey, and talk about her cat.

Her name is Alley, by the way, and she’s a calico. She’s actually the best. She has this cute little toothbrush mustache and she loves chewing on plastic.