In all honesty, I happened upon Mr. Pitiful’s unintentionally. Walking past, making my way to the typical Drinkery or Neon’s, I was drawn into Mr. Pitiful’s OTR instantly. Shake Ya’ Tail Feather by Nelly, Murphy Lee and P. Diddy (my 8th grade jam) was playing and there was no line at the bar. I quickly scanned the main room to spot something that could potentially be wrong with the establishment but to my surprise, there was nothing. Did I die walking down the street on my way in and didn’t know? I was in heaven and couldn’t believe my eyes. I turned to my friends, seeing that they had the same reaction on their faces. Oh, hell yeah!


We made our way to the dance floor, Red Bull Vodkas in hand and I just about had another heart attack. Our little hearts couldn’t take anymore. They were going to burst. The conjoined room featured a dj, another full service bar and a huge dance floor. Even later in the evening when the bar started to become packed, we were never smashed in like sweaty, dancing sardines. There was room to dance our asses off, couches to take a quick little break and sweet lighting effects (drunk girls love light effects). An added bonus is the mixed ages in the crowd. Everyone there is having fun and loving the mix between old school hip hop and newly released hits. During the week, Mr. Pitiful’s is more popularly known for being a great place to watch sports games, with killer matching drink specials and experience live local music.


Visit Mr. Pitiful’s for trivia, dancing, Second Sunday on Main or live music and tell us all about your angelic times in the comments. There events calendar can be found here!

Devyn Buschard is a Cidergeist-loving, red-lipped writer at CityNova. She invests her time chasing the newest local cocktail menu and whippin’ up on her Cincinnati neighbors on the Nintendo 64 at Arcade Legacy.

A true Kentucky girl, you’ll most likely find her hiking through Southern Kentucky’s backwoods or jammin’ at an outdoor concert. If a genie granted her three wishes, she’d wish for wine, wine and more wine.