Well, well, well, here we are again, you sneaky little vixens. Four months ago, I published my  first article with CityNova, Cincinnati’s Ultimate Girls Night Out Cocktail Crawl, and my liver will never forgive me for it. I stumbled around OTR in my little romper like the hip millennial I am, borderline blacking out while others passed my lifeless corpse to scoop some lunch (Yeah, it was like 1:00 pm, it’s fine. I’m fine). Why? To create a blueprint for you majestic babes to have a killer weekend. You little ladies keep the requests rolling in for another cocktail crawl piece, and being that I’m just now recovering from that hangover, gosh damnit I’m going to deliver it to you! My dearest little party foxes, here is Cincinnati’s Ultimate Girls Night Out Cocktail Crawl Part II: Northside Edition.




Let’s kick off the night at the beautiful Urban Artifact. UA is a kickass refurbished church right on Blue Rock Street that has a killer wine and in-house signature beer selection. Their beer is so on point that even your annoying friend that doesn’t drink beer (me), well chug down that cocoa porter with a quickness. They have an assortment of board games and shows constantly taking place to keep you busy as you all talk shit about Karen for being stuck up her boyfriend’s ass and no showing tonight. So, let’s raise a glass and cheers to our adventurous night ahead and don’t forget to snap a group pic while everyone is still looking cute and not drenched in sweat.


Strut those sweet buns on down the street to Northside Tavern, ladies. With a new band taking the stage basically everyday, Northside Tavern is a great place to dance with your ladies and show your squad how smart you actually are with their in-house trivia nights. With a constant rotation of the newest local beers stocked, it’s easy to see why we’re obsessed. Your girls will probs want to end the night at NST- it’s such a blast!


You all have now, hopefully, had just the right amount of Redbull Vodkas to get those little booties ready to pop all over the dance floor and all over ya gurl Stacy who is DD’ing tonight (Thanks, Stacy). If you’ve never been to Chameleon before, GUUUUUURL, are you even alive?! Chameleon is every girl’s dream. They’re constantly hosting bad ass events and even have a Craft Night coming up on October 20th that just makes my lady DIY sensations tingle. Shoulder dance your way up to the bar, order a round of RumChata Shooters, and cheers to this all holy night.

At this point, your friend who never goes out anymore is begging to end the night and get food and we just can’t be having that. Girl, we have 2 more stops! Put some pep in your step, Angela! Anchor Grill isn’t going anywhere!


You have now arrived at Tillies Lounge and you’re all feeling like the true dimes you are. Pick from a variety of their signature cocktails and then scream at the top of your lungs when you find out the bar is named after the famous circus elephant, Tillie (he died in 1937 but don’t tell Katie. She’s had too many RBVs and she’ll cry hysterically). Slam a few gin and tonics and soak up the killer aesthetics before asking the bartender to tell you about Tillie in great detail. Tillies is the best hidden gem in Northside and is ideal for a chill night out for a date or, of course, with your ladies.


Ah, we have finally made it to our last stop. You can’t even tell that your feet have transformed into hooves as a result of wearing your new Gianni Bini pumps you haven’t broken in yet but you are in full form, girl, and you’re ready to jam. Northside Yacht Club *cue holy music*. I like to think that Jesus himself is a co-owner of this beautiful establishment, but that’s just me. NSYC has given me some of the best nights of my life. I have witnessed with my own two eyes one of our own CityNova leaders, Matt Teaford, smack down their signature Volcano Bowl (it serves 4 people and they light it on fire. Just trust me, you need this) and it was so beautiful I almost cried. Proud parent moment. There’s also an outdoor patio and rooftop seating which is beyond rad. To top it all off, they have mega hot bartenders that you can hit on all night and just love your life.


There you have it, my little peaches. Get your sweet buns out on Hamilton Avenue and bounce them all over the place while screaming Britney Spears’ “Lucky” lyrics and make me one proud mama. Let’s raise our glasses and cheers to CityNova for the best freaking night ever! Don’t forget to #CityNova in all of the hella selfies you drop on Insta so I can see you beautiful bombshells killin’ it!

Devyn Buschard is a Cidergeist-loving, red-lipped writer at CityNova. She invests her time chasing the newest local cocktail menu and whippin’ up on her Cincinnati neighbors on the Nintendo 64 at Arcade Legacy.

A true Kentucky girl, you’ll most likely find her hiking through Southern Kentucky’s backwoods or jammin’ at an outdoor concert. If a genie granted her three wishes, she’d wish for wine, wine and more wine.