Remember the good old days? Sitting at home making memories over a game of Monopoly with the family or spending five hours on a game of Risk with college friends and finally giving up because you had lost the will to continue. Ah, good times. Now there’s a new bar in Cincinnati that let’s you capture that experience. Oh, and they have more than 600 different games there. So even if it’s some obscure game that you think they might not have… say, Harry Potter’s Quidditch Game, you may be surprised.


For those keeping track, that means that you could literally go there every night for almost two years and still not have played every game. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Role Playing classics or you simply want to invite the family out to catch up over a game of Cards Against Humanity… or maybe something more tasteful… you’ll have plenty of options to choose from in ways to experience the bar.


The concept of a Board Game Bar is new to our scene, but so is their extensive drink menu, which features everything from a drink called the Pretty Pretty Princess, complete with cotton candy and a candy necklace, to the Hickory Smoked Old Fashioned, which comes in a mason jar filled with smoke that only dissipates when you open the lid. Oh, and the drinks are loaded. Talk about getting… smoked. Heh.


But what’s a loaded cocktail without some epic sharables on the side? Adding a spin on the classic Pizza Rolls and even providing options for that one healthy friend who only eats Gluten Free options in their Pear Romaine Boats with Pecans, there’s literally something for everyone. Getting a chance to try a little bit of everything, we can tell you that they hit the mark on the perfect food for a relaxing night on the town.


The fun doesn’t stop on the first floor, though, as there’s an extensive space upstairs to hold even more people for private events or to accommodate everyone when they inevitably become packed in the upcoming months. They even have a Clue themed room complete with portraits of the game’s characters and a table full of murder weapons featured in the game. One thing of note is the inviting fireplace, which will make this the ideal spot to hang out once winter’s chill sets in… or next week. You never know with Cincinnati’s weather.


The Bottom Line: Opening night was already a huge success, and opening weekend is shaping up to have a packed house. With the way OTR is growing, it will come as no surprise to us when, in a couple of months, every night is busy with both frequent customers and new faces; eager to recapture a moment from the past in a simple board game, complete with schmoozed conversations from loaded cocktails and lighthearted laughs next to the fire. The Rook is bringing nostalgia to a whole new level, and hopefully we’ll see you there soon.

Matt Teaford is a meatatarian, craft beer enthusiast, and follower of his spirit animal, which he believes to be a Kodiak Bear. He can often be found hiking in the backwoods of Kentucky or bragging about both his hometown of Cincinnati and expansive knowledge of music. Except Polka. He knows nothing about Polka.

Matt founded CityNova because he wants people to experience life for all that it’s worth. He also thinks that nap time should be offered by all employers. Since he found no such opportunity, he thought a startup might be his best chance.

He’s also a political Independent who vies for true transparency and accountability in government, but that’s neither here nor there…



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