(Photo by Capt. Timothy Reinhart)

When you go out of town, naturally you want to go to the best places in the area and have the most fun possible. So we hit the most touristy places we could think of, as well as ate the best bbq we could find. After the 18 minute flight from Cincinnati to St. Louis, food was a must. (The flight was an hour and 18 minutes, but we gained an hour with the time change and I think I’m hilarious.) So with a little help from google maps and yelp reviews we ended up at this little hole in the wall called Ms. Piggies Smokehouse. The staff was incredibly friendly and made sure we knew exactly what to get. Obviously the bbq sauce was a must try, as well as the cornbread. We were not disappointed, we lucked out on huge portions for cheap, quality food, and great service.


Next we wondered over to the ever famous, St. Louis Gateway Arch. Standing 630 ft. tall it is the tallest man-made monument in the United States and it is stunning to experience. You can ride up in the arch in these tiny and very white pods. If you bring someone tall it’s hilarious to watch them try to get in and out of these as the doors are 4 ft. tall.


After you take the about 4-5 minute ride to the top, you get to look out at the beautiful city. Luckily downtown St. Louis is the majority of the view. Plus once you’re up there you get unlimited viewing time. Once you make your way back down you can check out their Museum of Westward Expansion and visit the Arch Store. Unfortunately they had a little construction happening so I didn’t get to see the finished product, but immediately underneath the arch they’re building new exhibits. They’re also making it so by Spring 2017 there will be easier and closer parking, walkways with no stairs or crosswalks, and more group activities.


The next place we ended up at is City Museum. The place is a wonderful mess of re-used material and metal artistically put together to form a giant play ground in what used to be a shoe factory. It’s for people of all ages, only $12 dollars for access all day(an additional $5 for roof access), and there’s a bar! Internationally known artist, Bob Cassilly opened this wonderland up in 1997 and continues to make adjustments and improvement constantly. We saw little kids and adults exploring and having a great time.city-6

The parents who weren’t up to it could just sit at the bar, shop at the gift store, or several of the concessions. Samwiches in The City has a kid friendly and easy eats for everyone. Cabin Inn is the bar, but they also offer ice cream, shakes, floats, and smoothies. Then Grill Master Tony’s Outdoor BBQ for some awesome home cooked foods, such as his specialty mango bbq ribs. The Rooftop Cantina gives you tacos, nachos, and yet another bar! The entire day could easily been spent here. We were there for a while and still didn’t see everything.


Needless to say, St. Louis is a pretty interesting and exciting place. We can’t wait to go back and explore more of this cool city and it’s ever growing attractions.

Lauren is a Communication Studies major at Northern Kentucky University. She loves to travel, drink whiskey, and talk about her cat.

Her name is Alley, by the way, and she’s a calico. She’s actually the best. She has this cute little toothbrush mustache and she loves chewing on plastic.