Cliftonites needed a brewery closer than OTR, something with flavor and flair that really showcases how great Cincinnati’s beer seen is. A new brewery, right in the heart of East Walnut? Sounds just right. Woodburn opened up in late August, on the street it owes it’s name to. The taproom is a gorgeous, rustic place with a cozy feel. They make sure to have the games up on the TVs around the place, so if you want to pop in and watch Sunday football it’s a great spot. They have some crafted cocktails to take care of you that early, if you’re looking for that, but the main attraction here is the beer.


Like most local breweries, they have some mainstays as well as rotating small-batch brews. The pineapple saison is a must, it’s a citrus and sweet glass of deliciousness and is one of their more unique offerings. If you’re held up on the whole “fruity saison” thing, but still like that sweet flavor, you can try their chocolate cherry stout. This was the beer that drew me out in the first place, and it doesn’t disappoint. My personal favorite though was the Lactose Loves Peach, stylized with a heart. The slightly sweet, slightly bitter beer has just the right amount of peach flavor in it. If you love any of this as much as I did (you will) you can get a growler filled and hoard it at home.

Oops! A little blurry.

If you’re getting hungry, and too in love with the beer to explore the neighborhood, Woodburn also features small bites from Mezunte. Tostada sliders, chile verde, and of course chips and salsa are some of the offerings. They don’t stop there, though, because food trucks like Fire on High partnering up to fulfill your cravings.


When it comes down to it, the brews are some of the best our city has to offer. A wide variety of drinks, crafted with care, and close to home. A few days ago, Woodburn teased a new offering with a picture of coffee from local favorite Coffee Emporium. If you’re as excited as I am for new beer, get yourself ready to head over to Woodburn Brewery. Looking for directions or some more info? Check it out on their website.

Chris Roark is a traveler, huge nerd, and lover of beer who always seems to get drawn back to Cincinnati. He can be found exploring new cities and neighborhoods, sinking into his nerdatorium, or searching for the next, great, local beer.

Chris became a Community Catalyst so he can help others see how great Cincinnati is, and all of the diverse experiences our city has to offer.