O Pie O is one of the best restaurants in the up and coming Woodburn area. You might not have known it, but you needed a spot like this. They specialize in pies, but O Pie O makes a point of serving some of the best sweet and savory dishes out there. I’m going to start a piece about a pie restaurant by talking about how fantastic their other offerings are. As someone who is obsessed with sweets, I thought I’d save the pie for last and got O Pie O’s beef braised empanada. Total savory goodness. It comes with a spicy chimichurri and a sweeter tomatillo sauce, so you can hit the right balance. It comes with a side, such as their huge variety of soups, but you’ve got to try the Woodburn Chili. They have a ton of different offerings, including vegetarian options, so there’s something for everyone.


But let’s talk about the main attraction, the pies. Of course, they have the classic and delicious chicken pot pie, but there’s so much more. Daily, they have different specials and fresh ingredients. The pocket pie is absolutely great. Their Sunday brunch also features some delicious flaky boys, such as the newer roasted tomato vegetarian option. The sweet pies are what you’re wondering about now, and they are absolutely fantastic. These rotate daily as well, so most recently the cherry crumble came our way. The slightly sour cherries are just right, and a good example of their fresh and high quality ingredients. A must try is the honey vinegar pie though. It wasn’t on my radar the first time I went in, but it’s an exception and unique dish.


As an added bonus, they have great drinks. Past the great coffees and teas, they have a large selection of wines and (often local) beers. As of this week, they’re now offering bottomless mimosas during their Sunday brunch too! Want to try something different? The Nitro Cow is your new favorite float. Left Hand Nitro Stout poured over some Graeter’s ice cream is a match made in heaven.


If you’re looking for hours, or a more complete menu, you can find it on their website.

Chris Roark is a traveler, huge nerd, and lover of beer who always seems to get drawn back to Cincinnati. He can be found exploring new cities and neighborhoods, sinking into his nerdatorium, or searching for the next, great, local beer.

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