Photo Credit: Keystone Bar & Grill

Oh lawd… when you’re a food critic and have had a number of ridiculously delicious meals in your time, it’s hard for a particular dish to stand out. In a world filled with massive foodie-fueled pandemonium created to make you feel like a blissfully bloated beluga (yeah, we know you liked that alliteration), it’s nearly impossible to top the status quo. We’re here to tell you that Keystone is killing the game with the pinnacle, el jefe, of their magnificent macs: The Powerhouse.

It wasn’t enough to stop at melting all kinds of gooey cheeses all over the noods. Oh no, no. Not even close, people. This seductive mac shows all of its layers to us, which include Buffalo Chicken, Brisket, Jalapenos, Crumbled Bleu Cheese, and even their Saratoga Chips. What’s that, you say? Your fantasies have all come true? Well, join the club. Get in to one of Keystone’s convenient locations and chow down on this macaroni mammoth. Your soul will thank you.

Pro Tip:

Wash it down with a local IPA and top it with their legendary BBQ sauce. Just do it.

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