Do you love weiners? Well, so do we. Our hunt for the most wondrous weiners in the city took us to a place that we won’t soon forget: The Wurst Bar. Immediately catching our eyes, the menu is packed with originality and character that’s often overlooked when it comes to gourmet creations. Every item on the menu seemed to be a play on words. From the Wurst Endings (desserts) to the Hang On Soupys (soups), their menu was original and kept us amused before we engorged ourselves with mounds of delicious food.


Described as a “third place” by Joseph, the GM, the bar is all about being a place that makes people feel comfortable and ready to come back time after time. Complete with an excellent outdoor patio in the back and a full drink menu, it’s easy to feel right at home in a place like this. From the shirts branded with “I <3 weiners” to the welcoming air of the staff, we were impressed with the overall knowledge of everyone in the bar, and the passion they have for their vision is obvious in the way they take pride in everything they make.


And boy, did they take care of us. We can now officially declare ourselves experts on the menu. Starting off with the Ooey Gooey Mac, a mountain of mac topped with savory BBQ, onion straws, Panko Crumbs, and bacon, we appreciated that every bite was packed with flavor and texture. You think you know mac, but you know nothing if you haven’t had this mac. Continuing our appetizer adventure, they hooked us up with their Flying Pigs in A Blanket. Adding a spin on a classic, they pair it with beer cheese and soft pretzels, making the perfect sharable for friends. Well, if you want to share, that is. We won’t judge you if you don’t…


Next, they brought us two of the most impressive dishes we’ve ever feasted upon: The Wurst Cuban and the All Time Wurst Burger. The Fidel Cast… errr Wurst Cuban was complex, juicy, and, most importantly: brilliant. An Andouille Sausage wrapped in Smoked Ham & Swiss and layered with Pulled Pork and Banana Pickle Relish, an explosive wave of complex taste took over us with every bite. While it was unbelievable, and should be tried by every meat-loving human on the planet, our favorite was ultimately the All Time Wurst Burger. Stuffed with a Cheddar Wurst Center, this burger features a magnificent blend of Ground Short Rib, Tenderloin & Striploin and is topped with Crisp Onion Straws, Spicy Sweet Mustard, American & Cheddar Cheese; all on a Pretzel Bun. Need we say more? We experienced burger bliss.


And just when we thought they were done with us, they came out hoisting a decadent dessert: The Fried Twinkies. But these aren’t your average Fried Twinkies. No, no… topped with Crisp Pork Belly, chocolate drizzle, and powdered sugar, this is easily among the best desserts in Cincinnati.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to pay homage to Cincinnati’s German heritage with one of their original, creative weiners or simply looking for a place to kick back and relax among friends in a comfortable atmosphere, this place is for you. We guarantee you’ll have both the best of times, and the wurst of times, every time.

Matt Teaford is a meatatarian, craft beer enthusiast, and follower of his spirit animal, which he believes to be a Kodiak Bear. He can often be found hiking in the backwoods of Kentucky or bragging about both his hometown of Cincinnati and expansive knowledge of music. Except Polka. He knows nothing about Polka.

Matt founded CityNova because he wants people to experience life for all that it’s worth. He also thinks that nap time should be offered by all employers. Since he found no such opportunity, he thought a startup might be his best chance.

He’s also a political Independent who vies for true transparency and accountability in government, but that’s neither here nor there…



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