The hats fly off at your high school graduation. Congratulations, your independent wellness journey begins today! The past is now a place to reflect upon. College is an intimidating endeavor. Even though your life has barely begun, it’s easy for your well-being to fall to the wayside. Find solace in all the care of yourself you’ve taken on. No matter what your health regime has been like in the past, there is no doubt that your body will be changing soon. What better chance to hone in on what nutrition, and physical activity you’re the most respondent to? Now, imagine a future full of vitality. Energy beyond your years, and an insight of the magic inside your body.

The body that you’re sitting in now, is a beautiful thing to behold. No matter what shape you are, you are uniquely you, and that is something to cherish. In today’s age, there are innovative approaches to wellness at your fingertips. Regardless of what your fitness aspirations are, you can find resources to monitor and fuel your quest with apps like myfitnesspal. This app which is free for both Apple and Android is a huge asset for college students since we are already accustomed to taking our phones everywhere with us. The app’s homepage also offers a large selection of blog posts with recipes and workout routines that are already programmed into the app’s database.

I have been using myfitnesspal for almost 3 months. I’m consistent with logging and I love learning about nutrition. I have a better understanding of what is in the foods that I typically eat, and have replaced some of my favorite things (Like cookies) with healthier options (Like Goodbites cacao chip cookies)! If I have a big event or date coming up it only takes seconds to find the menu items from most restaurants and I don’t have to obsess over calories counting amidst my evening out.


This app which accounts for your daily intake of food and exercise exerted is great whether you are trying to lose, gain, or retain your current weight. It also keeps up with other nutritional facts such as your macros. Macros include the 3 key components of nutrition, carbs, fats, and proteins.

Now I sometimes get so excited that I plan my meals for upcoming days! I buy my groceries at the beginning of the week and prep my meals 3 days at a time. The consistency allows me to focus on other things during my day, and 3 days is just long enough to not get tired of a meal. Not to mention prepped foods and fresh fruits and veggies are easy to pack!

Raw fruits and veggies are easily the best things for your body. Make sure you don’t miss a color in the rainbow! Eating a variety of colors guarantees that you are receiving all of your proper vitamins and nutrients. Plants can also take on a personality of sorts that gives you an idea of what health issues they address. Peaches and apricots are great for your skin, walnuts are wonderful for your brain, and Celery is good for your bones! Fruits and veggies are the items that should build the base of your diet.

Other foods like dairy, meat, and sugar should really only be consumed sparingly. Unfortunately, many dairy and meat products are packed full of hormones and antibiotics that you don’t need! The doctor didn’t prescribe them to you, but like smoking, you are a second-handed consumer.

Finally, sugar is a villain all of its own. It has consumed our culture today and many American’s are in fact addicted to it like any other common drug. While a lot of popular brands including General Mills are working to minimize or eliminate processed sugars from their products, sometimes your choices are limited.

All of these items are things that our body has become accustomed to but we truly do not require. Perhaps a quitting them cold turkey is out our reason for you, but a Meatless Monday is a good way to start making the switch! Switching to dairy-free and vegetarian based alternatives of your favorite foods may seem more expensive, but if you swap out the money you are used to spending on junk food or booze, you are investing in the quality of your life.

Take a trip to the health food store. The people there are your preventative doctors. They will prescribe you something a little different than the doctors you find in a cold, bright, office setting. You can be honest with these people like your doctor, and they will give you advice on what you can do to look and feel your best. And the best part is you know that their advice is honest, not based on the profit that you are for them. Vitamins, minerals, tea, oils, sublinguals, are just some of the things you could leave with. Not to mention all the produce, juices, and granola bars!

There are also lots of apps out there for fitness including SWEAT with Kayla, Mindbody, and Keelo. I have had a great experience using all of them, but they come at a small price. Some fitness apps range from $6-$20 a month, which can be worth the investment if you need help getting started. There are tons of free videos on youtube as well if you’re looking for an affordable alternative, just need to brush up on your skills, or already have a gym membership at your school or somewhere like planet fitness! If your school’s campus has a gym on site, find a friend to tackle it with you.


Wellness is a lifetime investment. As we get older our metabolism slows, and we retain weight more easily. I know that I want to be an agile old lady when I get older and that’s why it’s so important to me to be my very best today. I ask myself if I pushed myself harder than yesterday at the gym, or if I made the best food choices that I could. If not what was the main issue that contributed to my fall off the wagon? Often I find that it’s stress or limited time. Which is why it’s so important to put this at the forefront of your mind! Set aside time to plan your meals, to workout, and meditate on what your week has been like. Reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t and what you’re going to do differently next week. This weekly check in is a good time to write down these notes to reflect upon later. Maybe a recipe you really liked, or a milestone you achieved and you’re proud of.

Sometimes we forget to compliment ourselves for all of the hard work that we’ve done. Don’t let that happen with your well-being. The fact that you’ve even taken it this far is reason to believe that you will be stronger in the future than you were before. Those little setbacks are no reason to lose momentum. Keep your head above water!

Alivia Boulton is agreeable, amiable, affable, artistic… and mind you, that’s only the A’s. She’s never met a cup of coffee she didn’t like, and she knows enough about the bean juice to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Accompanied by an army of notebooks and pens, she’s constantly researching the absurdity of modern (cult)ures, filling her calendar with local music, and submerging herself into the depths of the world at large.