Like every other glitter queen out there, I look forward to Pride Weekend every year. It’s the time to celebrate love, equality, and everyone’s unique beauty. And let’s be honest, this is one of the only times, aside from Halloween, when it socially acceptable to wear as much glitter as possible and all those rainbow highlighters that have been sitting in our drawers, anxiously waiting for their moment. Pride is an important event in the beauty community as well, as makeup has been a symbol of self-expression, pushing boundaries, breaking rules and just looking fabulous, of course. Many techniques that become Instagram sensations are actually from the Drag World. Because of this, it’s only fitting that, on a day we celebrate love for the LGBTQ community, that we represent all the colors of the Rainbow Flag in highlighter, glitter, and lipstick!

These are some of my favorites products that I will certainly be wearing all weekend long! So make sure to enjoy and share your pride “must haves” on social media using #beautybybatya!

I. Head Turning Highlighters!

First, let’s discuss my favorite makeup product: highlighters. This is the time to take out those crazy colors that you have been dying to try and, if you’re really feeling yourself, paint that rainbow highlighter on those cheekbones and get ready to dazzle the crowd!


These two highlight palettes are not for the faint of heart; they leave your cheekbones with a glow of every color your pride-filled heart could possibly desire. I like to layer colors and mix them up!

Buy the Aurora Kit: AURORA GLOW KIT

Buy the Moonchild Kit: MOONCHILD GLOW KIT

Batya Pro Tip: to make the highlight pop and last all day long layer with a cream liquid highlight. I love the Milk Makeup (check it out below) when using colorful highlighters because it has a holographic purple sheen that intensifies when layering with powder highlighters.

Check out the Milk Makeup Holographic Stick: MILK HOLOGRAPHIC STICK

But all of this would be for nothing without the sensation that caused quite a commotion last summer among the beauty world: rainbow highlighters. The desired effect is for it to look like a crystal is reflecting a rainbow right on your cheeks. It is not an easy look to achieve but it sure is gorgeous. The A2O rainbow highlighter is on sale for $2.50!


Set Yourself Apart with This Rainbow Highlighter: AO2 SPECTRUM

II. Bring Light to Your Lips

After your cheeks are poppin’ you’re ready for the holographic lips! Both of these lip products can be worn alone or on top of your favorite lipstick, so you have all the options!

These Sigma lip switches will have everyone mesmerized by the magic of color transformations happening on your lips.


Switch From the Ordinary with This Product: SIGMA LIP SWITCH

But it wouldn’t be Pride weekend without Too Faced Cosmetic’s Unicorn Tears lipstick. Its made of magic. Trust me.

two face


III. Throw Some Glitter…

And my favorite for last, can you guess… GLITTER!

First up is the new Milk Makeup glitter stick, which makes it easy to apply and the best part is half of the proceeds go to The Center. There’s nothing like looking good and doing good at the same time, right?


Get Your Glitter Going: MILK GLITTER STICK

And if you are really into the glitter I would recommend Lemonhead body and hair glitter. They are so easy to put on and you get a really good amount of glitter, and unlike some other body glitters with similar consistencies this formulation is so comfortable, I forget I even have it on!


Take Your Glitter Obsession to the Next Level: LEMONHEAD GLITTER

So, there it is! Now you’re ready to get out there and show the world your incredible makeup skills. Happy Pride Weekend, everyone!



Batya Rubenstein is a lover of glitter, unicorns, sprinkles, and hazelnut iced coffee (from Dunkin Donuts, like any true Bostonian). She is a full time PhD student at the University of Cincinnati studying Criminal Justice.

When she’s not chasing her passion for statistics, beauty, and makeup, she’s most likely watching YouTube makeup gurus, shopping at Sephora and Ulta, or buried in a pile of highlighter and glitter. You can follow her adventures and get some extra beauty tips on her Instagram @batya108!