There’s no denying that Drake is just as obsessed with Cincinnati as we are. It’s plain as day coming through my speakers. Here’s 5 times we caught Drake missing his favorite city in the world.

1. “But get it while you here boy. Cause all that hype don’t feel the same next year boy.” -Headlines.

Being a Cincinnati sports fan is challenging and nobody understands the struggle like our home boy, Drake. Having a 12-4 2015 record, our Cincinnati Bengals seem to enjoy dangling victory in our faces just long enough for us to verbally assault our non “Who Dey!” friend before we have to cough up our life savings we bet on “going to the Super Bowl”.


2. “Ohh, I never seen the car you claim to drive. Well, s***, I seen it, you just ain’t inside.” -Dreams Money Can Buy.

Drake, we are literally just as annoyed with Downtown parking as you are. Should I park in Fountain Square South or Garfield Garage? Either way I’ll be on the last level and furthest parking space from the scariest elevator to ever exist. Maybe I’ll try a meter. Nope, all taken. Forget it, I’ll Uber over.


3. “Tuck my napkin in my shirt cause I’m just mobbing like that.” -Headlines.

The year is 2011. Struggling to find inspiration, Drake sits alone overlooking the great Ohio River. Sipping his house white wine, his server arrives, placing his entree of Montgomery Inn ribs upon him. “That’s it!”


4. “I cannot see heaven being much better than this.” -Blessings.

Whether it’s Skyline, Dixie or Gold Star, there is no denying that Cincinnati chili is a gift from the Gods. Rumor has it, Drake visits the Skyline within the Macy’s building Downtown once a week because he can’t live without it. We 100% believe this. #blessed


5. “Am I the only 23-year-old wine connoisseur?” -You Know, You Know.

20 minutes South of Downtown Cincinnati, Stonebrook Winery in Melbourne, Kentucky is an adorable, quaint winery open for dinner and tastings featuring their delicious house made wines. Obviously, Drake was enchanted by their famous Blueberry Wine while trying to drop this hit but the craving was just too much. Friends tried to offer an alternative, promising it was just as good as any Tri-State area wine. “I really hate to say I told you so.
So, I bite my tongue but you know you know.”



Devyn Buschard is a Cidergeist-loving, red-lipped writer at CityNova. She invests her time chasing the newest local cocktail menu and whippin’ up on her Cincinnati neighbors on the Nintendo 64 at Arcade Legacy.

A true Kentucky girl, you’ll most likely find her hiking through Southern Kentucky’s backwoods or jammin’ at an outdoor concert. If a genie granted her three wishes, she’d wish for wine, wine and more wine.