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Congratulations – you scored a date with the future love of your life on Tinder.  We’re really proud of you.  Now you have so many things to worry about.  What will you talk about?  What will you wear?  And… ah… where will you go?

We’re here to give you one less thing to worry about.  We have a few ideas that will make your new life partner running to pick up an engagement ring faster than you can say “chili.”

1. Take on the Bard’s Burger Challenge

This is first in our list because it’s first in our hearts.  It’ll be the first in your heart too if it’s still capable of beating after you take on the Bardzilla Burger Challenge at Bard’s Burgers in Covington.  Impress your date with your eating prowess and we guarantee she’ll come back for seconds.


Here’s a great training video so you know what to expect:

2. Give a Romantic Tour of Your High School

Welcome to Cincinnati, where your first question upon meeting someone is “what’s your name” and the second is “where did you go to high school?”  Get hours of tedious conversation out of the way immediately and take your date on a scenic tour of your alma mater.

3. Relax at Spring Grove Cemetery

Ah, the good old Arboretum.  Spring Grove Cemetery is consistently recognized as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country.  Show off your distinct culture and Cincinnati awareness with a self-guided tour.  You can even scout out the perfect plot for your happily ever after.

spring grove

4. Go to a Reds Game

Enjoy a vulnerable moment with your honeybuns by finding out how they cope with loss.

5. Eat at Your Favorite Chili Parlor

Cincinnati chili… bringing you epic first dates, bibs, and Pepto Bismol since 1922.


6. Celebrate Hispanic Culture at Salsa on the Square

Start at Kroger to pick up your favorite brand of tortilla chips and salsa – or make them at home.  Then bring your multicultural feast and your schnookems to Salsa on the Square, Cincinnati’s largest weekly salsa tasting event.  Trust us, your date will be astonished with your ingenuity when he finds out “salsa” actually means dancing.

salsa on square

What other awkwardly romantic ideas do you have?  Tell us in the comments.

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