If Hillary Clinton spent enough time in the Queen City, she’d probably try to steal the tiara from the Great American Tower for herself.  Here’s why she would love Cincinnati so much:

1. The Banks

Ah, Cincinnati has invested millions in the riverfront Banks project in the last few years. Hillary Clinton loves banks! She’d feel right at home here.  Plus, GE just moved in, and you have to figure they love each other.  Although she might get confused because the banks usually give her the money…

Hillary and The Banks

2. The UC College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

If you’ve seen the DAAP building, you know it’s one of the most unique buildings in Clifton.  And it’s… well… crooked.  Suitable for Hillary, no?

DAAP Building

3. The Cincinnati Subway

Hillary loves subways!  We know the Cincinnati Subway would be a huge hit for her (and her PR team) because it doesn’t exist!  No more embarrassing videos to explain.

Photo credit: wikipedia.org
Photo credit: wikipedia.org

4. Our Craft Breweries

She’d have time to perfect her pour.  If she embarrassed herself too much at one brewery, no worries – there are plenty more to choose from!

Hillary Clinton pouring beer

5. Cincinnati Sports Fans

You know it, we know it – Cincinnati is home to some of the most fairweather sports fans around.  Hillary would love Cincinnati sports teams, because she’s really great at changing her opinion.


6. Fortune 500 Companies

Cincinnati has more Fortune 500 companies per capita than just about any other city in America.  Going out to lunch downtown would be like a reunion of old friends for Hillary, because she’s already besties with all of the companies!  They’d probably pay for her lunch too.

7. Mahogany’s

Hillary would get along great with Liz Rogers, because she also doesn’t seem to like the Bill.


What else would Hillary love about Cincinnati?  Let us know in the comments.  Don’t forget to check out 7 Things Donald Trump Would Love About Cincinnati and 7 Things Bernie Sanders Would Love About Cincinnati too, and don’t worry, Bernie is coming tomorrow…

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