I know what you’re thinking, “another blog about things to do in Cincinnati?” We’ve all seen the lists circulate through Facebook, but they really only give you the very basics of what Cincinnati has to offer. That’s exactly why this article series came about. We live is a thriving city with so many unexplored parts and intriguing facets, especially for millennials. This article will serve as a weekly guide to some places you’ve (hopefully) never been before. Some places that the other Cincinnati guides tend to leave out. However, being young usually also means being broke. The best part of this city is that it’s incredibly affordable. Who says you can’t live fabulously and go on adventures for essentially free? I hope you enjoy these articles and more importantly Cincinnati, even if you’re livin la vida broka.

This week’s Debt-free Destination: The Netherlands Plaza and the top of Carew Tower

Location: 35 W 5th St

It’s a one stop shop, as the Netherlands plaza is a part of the Carew Tower. When Carew was built in 1930, the idea was to make it like a “city within a city”. The plan included apartments, a department store, a theater, office spaces, and a hotel. The Rockefeller center in NYC was made with the same style and you can see similarities in the building.  The Netherlands Plaza is a Hilton Hotel, but trust me when I say it’s filled with some of the coolest architecture.

Cincinnati-based Rookwood Pottery floral tiles can be found throughout the east and west entrances. Eighteen Louis Grell murals align the walls throughout the bottom floor. The plaza is almost completely authentic to when it was first designed in the 30’s, so walking through it is like stepping back in time. The iconic combination of olive green and gold from the time period align the walls so eloquently, it almost feels Grecian. This is one simple picture, but the plaza itself is filled with even more gorgeous lighting fixtures and decorations.


One of my favorite parts of The Netherlands Plaza is the “Hall of Mirrors” inspired by the Palace of Versailles. It’s breathtaking! Fun fact: This part of the plaza is supposedly haunted by a widow in a green dress that mourns the death of her husband who was killed during construction. She can also be found in the nearby elevators, and I’m not lying when I say I had my own encounter!

Pro Tip: When you’re no longer broke- but still fabulous- there is a fantastic restaurant on the inside of the hotel called Orchids at Palm Court.

The Carew Tower is accessible through elevators on and takes you to the tallest point of the building at 49 floors. On a clear day, you can see Indiana! It’s the highest point accessible to visitors downtown and amazing to see for yourself.

The cost of today’s adventure: $4 and some change for a meter.


Free events this week:

June 17th: Strumbrellas perform at  Washington Park at 7

June 18th: RoeblingFest at the Roebling Bridge from 9-5
City Flea at Washington Park from 10-2
Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society Summer Show at The Woman’s Art Club Cultural Center  from  1-4

June 22nd:  Summer Cinema is “Clueless” at Washington Park at 7

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Victoria Short is an adventurous soul who’s spent most of her life with an adamant sense of wanderlust.

After staying on a boat in the Netherlands for a couple of months, she realized that her love for Cincinnati was too real and returned with a full heart and a longing for its delicious food and good vibes. But she still likes to travel. A lot.