In a shocking new statement, President Obama picked Cincinnati’s famous chili as the most American food to ever exist. While it was a close match up between Philadelphia’s cheese steaks and our beloved chili, the president claimed that the complex┬áspices and Greek heritage were important in his decision.

“Now this is a 3-Way that I think Michelle would approve of,” he said, followed by a toothy grin.

While there’s speculation about Democrats using this to try to sway Ohio’s swing voters, Hillary Clinton has declined to comment on the subject, but, for some reason, immediately decided to express her love for the Banks Project.

“I just love the Banks,” she said. “There’s something to be admired about a place that puts this much focus on its banks.”

While some believe that he will revoke the title once the 3 A.M. indigestion hits, it appears that our Commander-in-Chief was definitely using his noodle on this day.

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