Rather than feign knowledge or ask questions like “why don’t we use more nuclear weapons,” Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson asked a simple question yesterday, further confirming the belief that he’s an actual human, and not some kind of alien sent here to destroy the human race. His question?

“What’s Aleppo?”

Oh, Gary. Y u do this to us? Although the general attitude about his confession to being clueless on the topic turned more positive as the day wore on, there were a few hours of him getting roasted on social media. We love you, Gary, but Aleppo isn’t a brand of dog food. Here are a few of the reactions some had from the Twitterverse…

While his flub was pretty unfortunate, the day got even better as the ever-so-biased New York Times tried to roast him, but made two fatal errors in their roasting article, and, in turn, roasted themselves. This election cycle truly is like watching reality TV. We quit.

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