After shelling out half of their combined trust funds, a young, wealthy OTR family is feeling buyer’s remorse since their move to a newly-designed, state-of-the-art condo in the urban core. Often approached by homeless residents, one member described feeling an “onset quarter-life crisis” upon realizing that their worldview may be skewed. Despite the city’s developer’s best efforts to completely gentrify the area, the occasional presence of a person of color in “urban” attire still evokes a sense of unrest among the family.

“We’re not racist, but… there just seems to be a lot of questionable characters around here.”

While they do like the convenience of 10 dog parks per square mile, they also confessed to feeling jaded about the lack of green space in an area that hasn’t had green space since the early 1800’s. Valuing convenience over diversity and historic preservation, they were delighted at the recent passage of City Council’s vote for the upscale Freeport Row project at the intersection of Liberty and Elm.

“We would love to see another wine bar or coffee shop. Some Starbucks locations are selling both now, so we would be on board with that.”

While these monumental challenges are difficult to face at times, they haven’t given up hope. When asked, they confessed that they plan on waiting things out until OTR becomes what they called “fully developed.” They plan on expediting this process by donating to political campaigns of other OTR locals with investments in properties along the “progressive” streetcar route, too! Once every small, local business in the community gets priced out, it should be no time before OTR looks like an open-air version of every ticky-tack, wealthy shopping plaza in suburban America.

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