We are seeking Editorial Interns and Community Outreach Interns this fall. As we are a startup, the positions are dynamic and the responsibilities will be tailored to your strengths and interests. Here’s a PDF with all of the exact same information if that’s your thing.

About CityNova

We are passionate about getting people to go out and do new things. We write entertainment articles on our website, CityNova.co, featuring local food, drinks, venues, events, and music. We want to help our readers find their new favorite burger, margarita, dessert, date spot, craft beer, local band, happy hour hangout, or trivia night friend group.

In our first few months, we’ve gotten a lot of attention in Cincinnati with nearly 100,000 page views and coverage on almost every major media outlet. We also plan several unique events per month to introduce our community to Cincinnati’s best venues and to other cool people.

And we’re releasing an app in mid-September, called Pulse. This app will offer users a new way to find out what’s going on around them, so that they “never miss out again.” We’ve already talked to over 100 businesses about being included in the app, so it’ll be the definitive entertainment source for Clifton, OTR, Northside, Mt. Adams… and that’s just the start. After we’ve refined our concept in Cincinnati, we plan to expand to other cities, and you could be involved in this process if you’re interested.

Our culture is one of the things that makes us different. We consider ourselves nontraditional media. We fully embrace quirkiness (if you don’t believe this, go read one of our articles… pretty much any of them). As a CityNova intern, we will fully embrace your personality, and we want you to bring your creativity and individuality to the team.

Internship Opportunities

We are primarily seeking Editorial Interns , but we may be willing to consider other positions based on your strengths and interests. If you’re interested in joining our team, please reach out, and we’ll talk about how you might be able to contribute.

Editorial Interns will write articles and features about local entertainment that thousands of people see. You’ll go out to local businesses and events, try their food or drinks, and write about your experience. You’ll find the coolest events and venues around, which your readers just can’t miss out on. You’ll write viral articles that spread throughout social media to be seen by thousands of people. You can also write opinion articles and satire articles – check out our website, CityNova.co, for examples of articles that have worked well thus far.

Current Editorial Internship Opportunities:

Culture Writer

Food & Drinks Writer

Adventure Writer 

Social Media Intern – We are currently seeking someone to man the helm of our social media efforts across all platforms. If you have experience managing with hootsuite, even better! Basically, you just need to capture our tone while conveying it to the readers. You’ll be in charge of engaging our audience, so a sense of humor is always preferred.

Sales Interns will work with us to market our unique card games to their particular market. This position will come with a stipend of 10% of your total sales for each month. We will guide you on the path to make selling the game as easy as possible and the sky is the limit. If you’re someone who wants to work hard, you’ll get rewarded.

What You Will Learn

This is up to you! If you’re interested, we will sit down with you and discuss your experience and what you’re interested in learning. Maybe you’re interested in journalism – we’ll teach you how to create compelling articles that people will read, how to use photography to sell your articles, and how to use social media to cause reader engagement with your work.

Maybe you’re interested in technology – you can learn about app development, website enhancements, graphic and web design, etc. Maybe you’re interested in marketing – you’ll learn how to plan great events, get people to buy into your vision, and plan unique promotions.

Or maybe you’re just interested in learning what it’s like to work for a startup. You’ll love our highly creative, flexible work style and culture… something the startup community as a whole has embraced!


  • We will expect roughly 8-10 hours per week, but this is highly flexible. You can work whenever you want – morning, afternoon, late night – with very few fixed time commitments. We will schedule meetings at times that are convenient for you. We expect you to spend time regularly working at the CityNova office in Clifton (a 5 minute walk from campus), but we can discuss the details once you get started. And, if you’re slammed at school with a midterm or final, we’ll encourage you to focus on academics without adding on any pressure.
  • We offer a highly flexible – dare we say, fun – work environment. Wear whatever you want when you come to the office. We’ll invite you to our weekly “Taco Tuesday” and happy hours. We probably don’t need to say much more… as a startup, we know how to have fun.


As of now, this is an unpaid internship. We are committed to making this an incredibly worthwhile and rewarding experience for you. In addition to great experience to put on your resume and great exposure for your work, we will do everything in our power to help you learn, grow, and get connected. As two startup cofounders who have completed numerous unpaid internships in our own time – we get it. We are deeply connected to Cincinnati’s small business and startup community and will gladly help you get connected as well.

In terms of perks, we get press passes to all of the best events in the area and people are always offering us free stuff (did someone say, food and beer samples?), and we’re more than happy to share. Plus we’re growing. Fast. This means that there will likely be paid opportunities in the near future, and we’ll look to our intern pool first to fill any positions.

How to Apply

Send an email to hello@citynova.co to get started. Send us a brief description of your experience and why you’d be interested in working with CityNova, and we’ll follow up from there.