As I pondered my first tutorial, I wanted to share ideas of grandeur, but let’s be realistic, this holiday is not about painting an American flag on your eyelid and showing off your true makeup skills, it’s about real American values like day drinking, and not passing out before the fireworks. So, this Independence Day tutorial will be easy to take in and basic because we don’t have time for crazy eye artwork, we have beers to crush. Have no worries beauty babes, this look has been insta-approved, so let’s make America Basic Again… (were we ever not basic?) and get ready to look patriotic af!

Step One: The essential pop of blue. The goal here is to create a sharp blue wing. Now some might think that the wing of the liner symbolizes the wings of the bald eagle; our country’s national bird, but that couldn’t be more wrong. The winged liner is symbolic of the sharp lines we will be drawing between us and Mexico when that wall gets built. The sharper the wing the more American you are.

For this look, you will want to start with just a neutral eye base so you can either prime and set your eyes the way you normally would or just feel free to skip right to the blue wing.


You can check out and buy my personal favorite, NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner at this link:

Step Two: What would a patriotic holiday be without the perfect red lip? This year’s 4th festivities will be different because we know that no amount of day drinking nor showing our American pride with an American flag bikini will ever change the fact that Trump is in the oval office. That’s why I’m going to share my secret to a long-lasting, non-smudging perfect red pout. You can drink the entire bar and this lip will not budge. Yes, it will even survive super storms created by global warming. In life there are few things we can count on, my secret to a perfect red lip is just one of them.

First, you want to exfoliate those lips and get them nice and prepped.

Next, you need to put some moisture back into that pout. You can use a chapstick or lip balm.

Batya Pro Tip: I like to use an oil on my lips like the Farsali one pictured below. I find that the oils penetrate and moisturize my lips more than a lip balm and won’t cause any issues when applying the lipstick after.


You can buy this epic oil at this link:

Once our lips look plump and soft we will line them with a red liner. Feel free to overline your lips because nothing says “‘Merica” more than Kylie-like, oversized lips. This is where you will learn my best tricks. Not only do I line my lips, but also fill them in wit red liner. This will ensure long-lasting color and if the lipstick does wear off I already have the red lip liner underneath.

Step Three: Last, we’re going to fill in with a long-lasting liquid lipstick. I’m using one of my absolute favorites: the Sephora lip stain in Always Red. This red is perfect for all skin tones because it has a blue undertone to it which is what makes your teeth look sparkling white unlike an orange undertone red lipstick.


Snag this awesome lipstick at the following link:

Oh, and if you’re feeling extra sassy, throw on a little gloss and boom! You’re more American than Rosie the Riveter!


Now just throw on a little concealer, bronzer, and a whole lot of highlighter and you’re good to go!

Drink Safely and Stay Woke,

XOXO – Batya

Batya Rubenstein is a lover of glitter, unicorns, sprinkles, and hazelnut iced coffee (from Dunkin Donuts, like any true Bostonian). She is a full time PhD student at the University of Cincinnati studying Criminal Justice.

When she’s not chasing her passion for statistics, beauty, and makeup, she’s most likely watching YouTube makeup gurus, shopping at Sephora and Ulta, or buried in a pile of highlighter and glitter. You can follow her adventures and get some extra beauty tips on her Instagram @batya108!