Featuring a fine mix of mellow, reggae-inspired flows and heavy hitters, Tyler Keast’s new album brings a little bit of something for everyone; even those who aren’t the typical fans of Hip Hop. Preaching a constant message of keeping the drama out of his music and life, we appreciate his aggressive approach to pacifism and keeping things chill.

Opening up with the the mellow flows of “It’s Alright,” he wastes no time in spreading his positive message to the listener. Promoting a message of never letting anything get you down in life, his lyrics remind me a little bit of Minnesota’s Atmosphere. But what’s a positive message without a little partying? He comes out swinging in “Loaded Up,” and this is one you’ll want to be playing at every party you attend.

What we were impressed with most about this album in particular is the fact that he brings a number of styles together, and his flow is refined in beats both slow and fast. After seeing him in concert at a recent show, we know he has his freestyles locked down too, and his creativity is ingenious. As writers, we appreciate his vocabulary in choosing the album’s title in “Parvenu,” which is “a person of obscure origin who has gained wealth, influence, or celebrity.” Seeing the amount of talent loaded in this album, we have no doubt that he’ll be gaining serious influence over the Midwest Hip Hop scene in the near future.

Final Word: If you’re looking for a Hip Hop album that will give you something listen to in any mood, pick up a copy of this album. Whether it’s the positive messages or various styles, you’re going to appreciate the attention to detail put into every song on this album. You can buy the album here.

Upcoming Shows:

June 24th – Grindhouse – Kansas City

June 26th – Cleveland, OH

June 27th – Riot Room, Kansas City with Afroman

June 30th – Topeka, Kansas with Afroman

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