Dear New Found Glory,

Though your music has been true, I’d still pick my friends over you. Well, kind of. The truth is that my friends and you seem to go together quite well. So, hold my hand and we’ll take this adventure together. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was ten years old and jumping around my room like a fool to Catalyst. Then again, there were nights when I’d have killed to fall asleep, but your music made the passing hours seem less boring than they would have been otherwise, and I was grateful for that.

With no shame, I would use LimeWire to both kill my computer and illegally download your older music at the age of thirteen when I got my first laptop. Sorry, dudes, it may be an understatement to say that I was a bit of an asshat in my youth and didn’t understand the importance of paying for music. What a rebel. Luckily, I wasn’t on the route for a head on collision with the FBI, and managed to support you by buying your music and going to your shows once I got my own money to spend.

As you all stuck together through both my adolescence and teen years, I thought it was too good to be. I didn’t want to go down that whole “nothing gold can stay” rabbit hole, but after seeing so many of my favorite bands split after years of touring together, it was hard to believe you stuck through it all. It became obvious that, after all the years together, you weren’t going down without a fight, but you pulled us through and kept us from singing the blues.

Which takes us to the year 2016. You’re down one member, but it’s been made obvious that you’re ready and willing to go at least one more round with your fans from all across the globe. It seems like you’re always on tour, and the members of CityNova have seen you play three times already in the past year and plan on doing it at least one more time before the end of the year. We don’t fanboy at your shows, but we’re always the first to start a circle pit or jump around, and we’re proud to say we’ll keep doing so as long as you’ll keep playing for us, even if we’re sixty years old when it all comes to an end. Something tells us, though, that the best is yet to come. We’ll see you in Cuyahoga Falls for Warped Tour, and you best believe we’ll be the degenerates in the front row, ready to sing along with you.

With A Vicious Love,

Matt from CityNova

Matt Teaford is a meatatarian, craft beer enthusiast, and follower of his spirit animal, which he believes to be a Kodiak Bear. He can often be found hiking in the backwoods of Kentucky or bragging about both his hometown of Cincinnati and expansive knowledge of music. Except Polka. He knows nothing about Polka.

Matt founded CityNova because he wants people to experience life for all that it’s worth. He also thinks that nap time should be offered by all employers. Since he found no such opportunity, he thought a startup might be his best chance.

He’s also a political Independent who vies for true transparency and accountability in government, but that’s neither here nor there…