So, you’re on your trendy high horse and you say “man, ska music is dead.” Well, hold up there, champ. You couldn’t be more wrong. While there aren’t many names coming from the scene right now, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not listening in on Stacked Like Pancakes. They put a new spin on the classic genre. You get the high-energy, eccentric feel of classic ska music mixed with a trop-rock sound from time to time and the result is nothing short of incredible. Listen in on their acoustic hit, “Money Sucks,” below and get a better feel.

Now, we know… we know. You’re saying: C’mon, CityNova, that’s not ska music. Fair enough, but that’s only one of their songs. We just love the message so much that we couldn’t contain ourselves and had to share it first. Before we get to more music from them, though, we just want to point out that they’ve already opened up for the legends in Reel Big Fish. So, they’re already getting some well-deserved attention from their predecessors in the genre. With that being said, here’s what’s up.

So, essentially, they bring this epic blend of pop punk, ska, trop-rock, and a little bit of everything else. It makes for a kitchen cabinet filled with all of your favorite tasty sounds. This goes without saying that they bring serious energy to their live performances, which bring a party-like atmosphere to the crowd every time. You can check out their upcoming tour dates here. Make sure not to miss them if you’re heading out to the Vans Warped Tour this year! Share your experience with us using #citynova when you check them out so we can see what you goons are up to! Otherwise, we’ll be seeing you out there!

Matt Teaford is a meatatarian, craft beer enthusiast, and follower of his spirit animal, which he believes to be a Kodiak Bear. He can often be found hiking in the backwoods of Kentucky or bragging about both his hometown of Cincinnati and expansive knowledge of music. Except Polka. He knows nothing about Polka.

Matt founded CityNova because he wants people to experience life for all that it’s worth. He also thinks that nap time should be offered by all employers. Since he found no such opportunity, he thought a startup might be his best chance.

He’s also a political Independent who vies for true transparency and accountability in government, but that’s neither here nor there…