There’s no way around the fact that New Jersey is in the middle of a renaissance for Rock music, and Can’t Swim has been a vital part of that since their formation last year. Quickly making waves in the scene, they’ve been touring across the globe and they’re currently ramping up for a tour with Boston Manor that will take them across Europe. A true surprise, we hadn’t heard of them before seeing them live in Ohio a couple of months ago, but they stole the show and impressed us way beyond our expectations for a band we’d never heard of.

Their driving, distorted riffs push the music in your face to get the passion out and the lyrics never cease to be enforced with emotionally-charged intensity that leaves you feeling a bit melancholy, but still makes you want to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs, too. What we’re most impressed with, though is the fact that this passion carries over to live performances. Make sure to catch them in person if you get the chance and follow their Facebook page for updates. Their most recent release, Death Deserves A Name, is available to listen to on Spotify, so make sure to listen in on that, too.

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