About a year ago, I settled up at the local dive bar in town and got to talking to some friends of friends. One of them mentioned they were in a band called Season Ten, and the name sounded familiar to me for some reason. I asked if there happened to be a drummer named Alex in the band and he excitedly said yes! He was even more excited that a stranger had heard of his band. So now I’m here to tell all of YOU strangers about it too.

Hailing from our fine city of Cincinnati, Season Ten started their musical quest in 2013 at the house of their drummer, Alexander-Murphy White. Together he, and original members Jared Metz and Alex Sarkisov, used their desire to break the traditional Alternative Rock sound and got to business. In 2014, Brian Nienaber came onboard as their bassist, and thus completed Season Ten as we know them today.

With two EP’s under their belt, I’ve been jamming to their latest, “Tiny New Dimension” NON-STOP! They call themselves the “modernists of the indie world” and with their ever-evolving presence in the music scene I couldn’t agree more. Oh I don’t know, if I wanna go, where the vinyl grows either… but I’ll bet with Season Ten you’ll be glad you did.

When Amy isn’t traveling across the country to visit her mom and dad, you can find her searching for the best pancakes with a milkshake on the side. As an aspiring author her favorite things to collect are notebooks, (which contain about fifty half-started stories) but hey, who’s counting? She can also be found on the floor of the library compiling a stack of books that she likes to pretend she actually has time to read.

This free-spirited old soul loves live music, cats, and adventuring around town with her boyfriend. She also knows Gold Star is the better chili and doesn’t care who knows it. If she could live in any literary fantasy world, it would definitely be Harry Potter. She’s only slightly upset she never got her Hogwarts letter, still. It’s fine.