Hotel Mira - Formerly JPNSGRLS - Unveils New Song - 3AM Lullaby

After a year of relative radio silence, Hotel Mira (formerly JPNSGRLS) recently released cryptic messages indicating that there may be something big on the horizon. Spoiler alert: Something big WAS on the horizon. Not only did they announce their new name, but they threw up a few shows and a new song: 3AM Lullaby.

Echoing themes from their past, the song captures sentiments that take aim at the heart of some of the more unfortunate sides of contemporary culture and emerging adulthood. You can check out the (unofficial) lyrics by clicking here.

While it’s obvious that a new album may be on the horizon, no release date has been set. While the name JPNSGRLS has been dropped, they haven’t stopped performing fan favorites from the past. Under the new name, they’ve been making appearances on popular Spotify playlists and in the headlines of a number of publications, suggesting that this rebrand may have been the reinvention that the group needed to reach a new base of listeners. Now, enjoy the video to their new release and prepare to add it to your personal playlists!

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