How often do creative minds bring 500,000 watts of bass to the middle-of-nowhere Ohio? Never, really. This year, though, Excision is doing just that. Oh, and he’s bringing a ton of his most talented friends with him to provide a music festival experience like you’ve never seen before. This is its innagural year, but something tells us that it’s going to rank up there with other regional competitors like Michigan’s Electric Forest and Tennessee’s Bonnaroo. Don’t let that fool you, though. Lost Lands is going to be original. This preview video lays it out.

The buzz has been growing for the festival since its announcement less than a year ago, and now there are less than 10% of tickets remaining! To say that people are stoked would be an understatement. Considering the passes are so affordable, this is a chance to see world-class entertainment at an affordable price. Make sure to get your last-minute passes at www.lostlandsfestival.com and stay tuned for our coverage as we prepare for and experience a bass-filled trip to our prehistoric past.

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