Midpoint Music Festival will find its winding down on Sunday, ending with the hazy notes of Band of Horses. The food trucks will pack up, the crowds will disperse to their respective abodes, and Cincinnati will patiently await its return next year.

By Sunday’s end, Midpoint will be have seen 75 bands. Here’s your guide to winding down the weekend with one of Cincinnati’s favorite events.

Venue changes

If you didn’t read my Saturday guide, be warned: Midpoint has undergone a few changes. Instead of venues scattered across the city, an urban musical safari of sorts, the festival has been confined to four stages in Over the Rhine.

Change is hard, I understand. Mourn the mystic format of yesteryear, but rest assured that the core of the festival’s values remains intact.

Bands to watch out for

Check out our list from Matt on local artists you need to check out over the weekend. 

Show up for the smaller acts:

In addition to these acts, Us, Today, also natives of the Queen City, wallows in a blend of post-rock and jazzy minimalism. Like driving through the city, a blur of lights and movement, a cacophony of thought snaking through one’s mind, this instrumental act is dream-inducing. The 3 instruments–the guitar keyboard, and drums—feel exposed in the wake of the trio’s minimalistic charm. Us, Today are the musical embodiment of being alone with your thoughts. Drown yourself in wavering jazz at 1:15 at Eli’s BBQ stage.

I’ve admittedly been following AJJ for years now; at one point in my life I dived deep into the world of folk-punk. AJJ is harsh at times, music dipped in self-aware cynicism and macabre-entwined humor. Their new album, The Bible 2, feels to be swarming in fuzzy existential angst. They’ll be taking the stage at 4:30 at the YMCA Stage.

If you need a dose of positive vibes after AJJ, check out Diners, who take the stage directly after.  Outfitted in folk-y pop and given a healthy dose of beachy vibes, Diners feels warm and fuzzy. The lyrics, though extremely twee and affectionate at times, are relatable. They came out with a new release, Three, earlier this month; join them at 3:30 for some positive vibes.

Check out the headliner:

Band of Horses will take the Skyline Stage at 9:30 as a finale to MPMF. Like going on hike in autumn, national act Band of Horses swells with dreamy, folky imagery. Lowkey and ghostly, it’s an ideal way to say goodbye to summer and fade cozily into fall. Check them out before the weekend comes to a close.

Honorable Mentions: Nada Surf, Elephant Revival, Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls, any band that your heart desires to hear

Munch on this

Keystone Bar and Grill will set up shop by the Washington Park stage with their mac & cheese dishes named after bands in tow, an ideal choice for a musical festival. If you’re feeling extra hungry, pair your mac & cheese with one of their burgers, quesadillas or sandwiches.

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