It’s no secret that Midpoint has done a killer job over the past couple of years in getting the spotlight on talented, local artists. This year, though, it seems like the lineup is better than ever with both national and local acts of serious talent taking the stage. While there are plenty of other excellent locals performing, these are the ones we believe to be the most underrated, and that you need to get there early to check them out. This kind of festival makes it easy to support local music!



Alternative Rock has a solid foundation in Cincinnati thanks to the likes of PUBLIC. Featuring addicting riffs and catchy lyrics, you’ll find yourself adding their songs to your playlists very, very soon. They go on at 5:30 P.M. on the YMCA stage. Don’t miss out!

Injecting Strangers

Light, upbeat, and definitely Indie, the men of Injecting Strangers bring just the right amount of passion to their music; making for an excellent stage presence and overall performance. Eccentric at times, but never failing to be original, they’re memorable and sure to be making waves in the national scene soon enough. Catch them at 4:oo P.M. on the Skyline Stage.


Nothing like a little girl power to get you going, right? Well, Leggy is that and more. Reminiscent of classic bands such as Heart and the Cranberries, we love the old school feel with contemporary messages. A little angsty, and plenty talented, you can see them on the Eli’s BBQ Stage at 6:45 P.M.!



One of our local favorites, Multimagic brings light, fresh Indie goodness to the scene and we love the unique vibes that their music give off. With lyrics that are haunting at time and a driving at others, they seem to pierce you in a way that few local artists can do, and we’re about it. See what they’re all about by catching them at 4:30 P.M. on the YMCA Stage.

Animal Mother

Damn, now that’s saxy. Okay, that was a bad joke, but these guys are incredibly talented. All three of the members have clearly perfected their individual instruments and have spent enough time together to formulate a sound that’s unique and fun to be a part of. We especially love their solos. Don’t miss out. They’ll be taking the Skyline Stage early at 2:00 P.M.!

Knife The Symphony

Knife The Symphony has been in the game for some time, but it seems that they only get more passionate with age. With a driving sound topped off by deep lyrics with a powerful message, we’ve been about them for quite some time now. If you’re looking for something a little heavier, catch them on the Eli’s BBQ Stage at 4:30 P.M.. (We know, it’s going to be tough to choose between them and Multimagic, but we want to give you options and they’re both excellent!)


Young Heirlooms

Impressive lyricism and artistry comes together with the versatile sound of the Young Heirlooms. A little folky with beautiful harmonies and captivating overall effect, they’re sure to be playing some new music as well, as they’ve been hard at work recording their new album of late. See them at 3:15 P.M. on the WNKU Stage.

Coconut Milk

Yes, yes… another schedule conflict in our suggestions, but we can’t not give Coconut Milk credit, too. Another band that gives off a very unique, Indie vibe, you’ll love their creative lyrics and creativity from song-to-song. We always appreciate their ability to create a unique sound within each song. See what we’re talking about by catching them at 3:15 P.M. on the Eli’s BBQ Stage.

Modern Aquatic

One of our favorite newest discoveries, Modern Aquatic gives off chill vibes that are contagious and catchy. It’s seriously hard to be in a bad mood as you listen in, and their lyrics are incredibly┬árelatable, so be sure to give them a closer look if you’re into the sound. Get some good vibes by seeing them on the WNKU stage at 2:15 P.M.!

Which other local bands should people check out at Midpoint? Show them some love in the comments below!

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