Looking for some music to burn bridges to? Grave Friends is here to help! Line after rage-filled line accompanied by some epic breakdowns make this band one to get out some pent up rage listening to. If you have a chance to catch them live, you don’t want to miss being a part of the pit. The funny thing, though, is that the music ends up having a positive vibe to it, and they even describe themselves “Positive Melodic Metal” on their Facebook page.

Taking a note from the pages of bands like Stick To Your Guns, some of their most recent releases remind us a little bit of the same anti-establishment views expressed in STYG’s most recent album, “Disobedient.” This is best seen in their January release, “Ruthless.” The songs lyrics include “Cruel days teaching hate / Every side points the blame,” an obvious reference to the divisiveness that is portrayed by both the media are humanity as a whole. The truth is that their lyrics lead you to a state of introspection about the human condition as a whole, and we dig that.

With the release of their new album, “Rebirth” coming upĀ in a week, there’s a lot to be hyped about for this up-and-coming act from Cincinnati. If their album is anything like their most recent releases featured above, something tells us that it won’t be long until they’re hitting stages across the country, so you’re going to want to catch one of their local shows while still in the area.

Upcoming Shows:

Murder Fest @ Blue Note Harrison – 5/22

EP Release Show @ 492 Sandheger Pl., Cincinnati OH – 5/28

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