We’re only a few hours away from the kickoff to one of the best music festivals Cincinnati offers up: Midpoint. Once again, they’ve outdone themselves with their lineup, which blends a ton of local artists with national acts that are on the rise, and a solid number of headliners to get down to along the way. With so much talent, food, and entertainment packed into one place, you’re going to want to be all over the place. Good thing we’ve gone ahead and curated the essential guide of everything you need to do Friday at MPMF. You’re welcome.


In case you don’t have a TV, newspaper, nor phone to give you the weather outlook for the day, here you go: It’s going to be pretty hot with a high bit of humidity. In other words: Don’t aim for style. Aim for comfort. We’re sure you’re wanting to get down with those mink coats, but cool it for your own sake.

Local Bands to Watch

In case you missed it, here’s our list of the local acts you need to watch:

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National Acts You Can’t Miss

While we do love our locals, you can’t miss out on this one before the night’s over.

Tokyo Police Club

After making song after song of excellence for around ten years now, they’ve got an impressive discography, and we love every one of their albums. With so much to play, we’re sure they’re going to pull a few tricks out of their bag. Catch them on the YMCA stage at 8:30 P.M.!

Local Noms of the Day

So, you’re hungry and it’s time to chow down? What do you do? We’re going to have our local pick every day, so stay tuned!

Eli’s BBQ


Not only did they sponsor one of the stages, but they’re also going to be slinging out their ridiculously delicious BBQ all night long. Don’t miss out on a chance to munch on one a Pulled Pork Sandwich.

What You’re Doing After the Last Band

It’s 11 P.M. and you’re not ready to go home? Neither are we. Head over to MOTR Pub to keep the night going by checking out more music from Mystic Braves, The Dream Ride, and Lemon Sky.

Oh, and show some love to our friends at Hive!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s guide to the festivities!

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