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Good morning, music fans! There’s only one day left of Bunbury Music Festival and they still have a great lineup in store for you.

For those of you with 3-day festival passes, we know you’re getting tired.  Bunbury knows too, so keep in mind the festival kicks off one hour later today than on Friday and Saturday.  The first band this afternoon takes the stage at 2:30pm.  If you need any reminders about the lineup, don’t worry, we Googled it for you.

We had a bunch of Bunbury pro-tips for you in our Friday and Saturday coverage, so we’ll keep this short today.

Get Your Taco On at Mazunte

If you’ve never had Mazunte, you’re missing out. Period. They’re located in Madisonville and you should head there to check out their full menu. But they were nice enough to bring their fresh taco bliss down to Bunbury so hit them up. We recommend… pretty much everything. Mazunte has some of the freshest guacamole we’ve ever tasted as well as delicious tacos with the finest ingredients.

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Soak It All In

Today’s the last day, so make the most of it. There’s some truly exceptional talent rolling in today. We recommend getting there early to check out some of the lesser-known artists. That’s a huge benefit of music festivals over traditional concerts… you already paid to be able to check out tons of great music.

We’ll hit you with an article within the next few days about why we’re so lucky as a city to have Bunbury, so stay on the lookout. Enjoy the last day of Bunbury!

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