Forest Fam! We’re back, and, as promised with our last Article, The Essential Guide to Electric Forest Weekend One: 2018, our coverage continues with our recommendations of which underrated artists you need to check out during your adventures in the forest. Some of them may be new to you, but it’s more likely that you’ve already heard some of their music without knowing it. With that being said, here’s our list (in alphabetical order) of can’t-miss sets that aren’t headliners, but are definitely worth your time…

Attlas – Weekend Two


The first of two artists among the Mau5trap team on our list, Attlas has made a name for himself with chill, melodic beats. As part of what we would argue is the most epic of the curated series for the entirety of Electric Forest, Mau5trap, his set is sure to be the perfect one to chill out before you get reckless later in the evening.

Blackgummy – Weekend Two 


Did we already mention that Mau5trap is about to be epic? Well, it is, and contributing to that alongside Attlas is none other than Blackgummy. Erring to the harder side of melodic electronic, his sound rides on heavy base and, at times, experimental sounds. If you’re not getting down to Plucking Technology, you don’t have a pulse.

Buku – Both Weekends


It was only about a month ago that we got to catch Buku in our hometown of Cincinnati, and we were blown away by his set. The simple fact that Bassnectar teamed up with Buku for a hit in Front to Back should be enough to convince you, but there’s much more to his collection than that. Prepare for some serious head banging at this set. We’ll be out there like…

Camelphat – Weekend One


Campelphat alone is incredible. Add a b2b set with Detlef to the mix and you’re sure to have something amazing. To our knowledge, these two have never played a b2b with Detleaf before, so this is sure to be a unique experience that you won’t want to miss. Known for chill, house beats that are great for vibing to, get ready to dance at this one.

Corrupt – Both Weekends


If you’re a fan of corrupt and happen to be going to both weekends of Forest, you’ll have three chances to tune in to what he’s putting down. Playing Tripolee for Weekend One and both Tripolee and the Silent Disco for Weekend Two, if you’re lucky you’ll have chances to see him in an array of settings. Loved for his fun, airy style, jumping or, in the very least, head-bobbing, is a mandatory with him.

Great Good Fine OK – Both Weekends


Great Good Fine OK is hard to tie down at times. They don’t really have a set “style,” which makes for a lot of fun at their shows. All over the place, but in the best way possible; you’re going to feel a lot of different emotions during their set. Their house-esque hit in Too Much to Handle is our personal favorite, but we’ll let you do your own listening below.

Luzcid – Both Weekends


Some artists have been heard by millions but still earn spots on our underrated list because they stay out of the limelight. Making appearances in two of Bassnectar’s hits, Science Fiction and Music is the Drug, chances are, you’re already at least moderately familiar with his thought-provoking, complex chord progressions. Experiencing them live is what you need in your life. You’ll be glad you did.


Who else should the Forest Fam be checking out? Show your favorite underrated artists some love in the comments below!

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